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What You Said... A selection of testimonials & reviews for Treatments & Skincare Products, in no particular order. Thank you for your kind words, both published here & the rest.

"What Order Should I Apply creams/oils?"
Read Lucy's Interview with The Beauty Bible here

Beauty Bible, Sarah Stacey
"Lucy, the founder of Orchard View Naturals (ovnaturals.co.uk), has long been Sarah’s go to therapist… with the most magic hands in the South West. Last winter, after Sarah did a stint typing 12 hours every day for Beauty Bible Awards, Lucy was the one who got her back in shape."

Country Calling, Clare Empson
"This facial, a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, masks and deep moisturising alongside hot stones and continual massage, was the most intensely relaxing beauty treatment I think I've ever experienced. My only thought in a zen-like hour and a quarter was that I might not be able to get off the bed and drive home afterwards."

Gill Baker, Somerset
"More than a facial. The moment you step through the door and inhale the botanical smells that fill the air, Lucy’s calm, kind and professional approach has you feeling like you’ve stepped into another world. As Lucy starts to massage my face I feel myself entering a trance like state… Lucy’s treatment leaves me feeling like I’ve attended a holistic retreat. Tailoring each treatment according to what my skin is crying out for. Using the crystals and massage in different ways each time. I love this, as I can never anticipate what’s to come. When, all too soon, my time is up I leave not only with my skin glowing, but with my mind and body revived and rejuvenated ready to take on the world for the next 3 weeks till my next treatment. Friends tell me that my skin looks fresh and youthful. I’ve even had strangers comment on how good my skin looks. "

L.P., Lyme Regis
"Gorgeous skin!
I recently had a facial with Lucy and loved every minute of it. What I like about Lucy's facials is that she tailors the facial to meet whatever skin problems you may have. Mine is usually a dry skin so she uses products to compliment my skin and then uses massage techniques which make my skin glow making my mature skin look younger. That night I slept very soundly which is unusual for me as I have a tendency towards insomnia at times. Lucy is one of the best Facialists that I am fortunate to know. If I was having such a specific facial in a city I know from experience that I would be paying a great deal more and there would be pressure on buying the products afterwards. With Lucy you don't get this, what she gives you, if you ask, is her advice and wealth of knowledge based on the skin products which she has used or what her customer's have used and like. I would thoroughly her recommend Lucy and love going to visit her."

Debbie Domoney, Somerset
Had the most AMAZING facial last week. Lucy is just brilliant, genuinely cares about your skin, she chose the oils based on my skin type, felt totally spoilt. Thank you ❤"

Sam Cornelius Light, Somerset
"Having tried many facials over the years in many different salons, I can promise you that Lucy's facials are like no other… By the end, not only are you experiencing an incredible sense of calm and wellbeing, but your face is left looking youthful and glowing - it's a win-win combination!"

Jenny Johnson, Somerset
"The face massage has so many benefits. Your skin feels and looks amazing, even more so the next day, and is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had."

Jo Tucker, Somerset
“I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful Ayurvedic Face Massage from Lucy last week. Just wanted to say that the experience & results were both truly impressive... so much so, I would actually rebrand it as the ‘OV OMG FACELIFT!’ A wonderfully relaxing hour with virtually no product used, just a smidge of oil so a nice natural treatment using pressure points & soft massage (perfect for my sensitive skin). It left me glowing & totally rejuvenated.”

JA Burgess, Somerset
"Lucy is a very knowledgeable and talented therapist and someone I have been lucky to know for many years. Her Ayurvedic “Natural face lift” massage is just soo relaxing, it takes away the stresses and tensions, always leaving my face feeling rejuvenated and lifted ... my daughter says I look younger and more shiny! Always a bonus! Can’t recommend enough."

Claire, Somerset
“I love everything about the therapies and the products but my biggest love is the holistic approach. You have an expert understanding of the skin and the internal and external factors which affect the skin. Every time I visit I always leave with a little tip, whether that be related to diet, lifestyle or the application of the products... Each facial is different because you take time to listen to what my needs are each time I visit; as a result the facial is always bespoke, the products used are personalised and from the moment I walk through the door, I can completely escape!”

Mary, Ilminster
"I had a 75 minute luxury face massage... It was so relaxing and I loved being given a neck, shoulder and scalp massage while the face pack was left to work. The ultimate in attention...I do not think this facial treatment could have been bettered.”

OV Skincare Products
Mail Online, Sarah Stacey
The Beauty Bible's Sarah Stacey puts OV Triple Rose Facial Oil in her Top 3: "...created by the wonderful Lucy Stevens in Somerset. You can use it every day, morning and night, or when your skin needs a special treat."

Country Calling, Clare Empson
"This year armed with bottles of both the Buoyant (with argan, neroli and frankincense) and Vital (with triple rose, hip, otto and absolute) facial oils I can in all honestly say my skin has never been better. Crucially the oils absorb quickly but leave a light sheen initially – a bit like applying a highlighter... My 15 year old daughter also tried the Serene facial oil with the same dramatic effect, her skin, she says, is far softer and more hydrated than usual. The oils are 100% vegan and organic so feel like a good choice for young skin."

From Britain With Love, Laura Dunkley
“I’d already seen this little video explaining how to add facial oil to your usual moisturiser, so I gave it a go.Game changer. Why have I never thought of this before? The moisturiser itself is wonderfully rich, natural and smoothes on really easily. Adding a couple of drops of the facial oil gave a heady rose fragrance and extra richness. My skin feels very happy after just a couple of days. I’m so glad to have discovered this highly affordable natural skincare (the moisturiser is £15 and the triple rose botanical facial oil costs from £16 and a little goes a long way, so both will last me for ages.)”

The Beauty Shortlist, Fiona Klonarides
"The OV Naturals philosophy: To keep things simple, reduce synthetic overload, harness the power of nature & in particular, the therapeutic value of essential & plant oils, and actively care for the skin."

Emma, Beauty Folio
"I have to say that the attention to detail and customer service I received was outstanding, as Lucy is both friendly and incredibly passionate about the products she creates.”

Petra Redmond, Late Skin Party
“It (Vital) feeds my skin, it softens my skin, it firms my skin, and it makes me feel good. Not one, not two, but three rose oils? Yes please! How much more luxurious can a face oil be when it's packed with such beautiful oils and essences? This is such an exquisitely scented oil."

Caressence Roden (Facebook)
"The products Lucy makes are beyond exquisite. If you like your body to be nourished and blessed by purity, radiance and the highest quality ingredients you will find all and more at OV Naturals.
Prices are a fraction of the cost of products under the well known names and all the packaging is ethical too.
That is my kind of place! I fell off the radar when I moved a few years ago but I’m back now and really wish I had remembered OV sooner!"

Michelle Shaw (Facebook)
"I am truly delighted with my face and skin oils! The (Vital Triple Rose) facial oil is like a tonic to my (dry) skin. I have never had such a ‘wow’ effect before."

Keely Mangham, London
"This (Vital Triple Rose) is the most divine facial oil. Thank you to all my recent clients that have loved my pre make up facials that have said how much they loved it."