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Geranium flowers & face oil bottle

You care about what you put on your skin & so do we.

Orchard View naturals skincare is made for you with the finest ingredients & is based on three principles: aromatics, energetics & the effect on your skin. We want to help you look & feel your very best. Sustainable sourcing is important to us & we like to support local as much as we can. 

There's a strict ingredients policy behind our small-batch skincare:

  • Ingredients are sourced from trusted, independent businesses in the UK.
  • We never use palm oil, or essential oils from endangered species such as Indian Sandalwood.
  • No ingredient or product has been tested on animals.
  • The only non-vegan ingredient in any product is beeswax in OV naturals Organic Face Cream. Everything else is vegan.
  • There is no harsh alcohol in any product.
  • Organic ingredients are paramount in our facial oils. Organic ingredients have been proven to be more potent. We are transparent about the organic percentage in each product, so you know exactly how pure &  efficacious your products are.

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