Your Skin

Skin Types & Skin Conditions

Do you Know your Skin Type?

We are born with our skin type, it’s in our genes. There are several healthy skin types - dry, normal, oily & combination. If you're not sure what skin type you are, then try the one minute tissue test. This is a quick, easy way to check how much natural oil is in your skin:

When you wake up in the morning, press a tissue gently into your face, pushing it into the creases around the nose and chin to get an imprint, then hold it up to the light for the result:

Normal/combination: the T-zone imprint may appear faintly or there may just be a small trace of sebum (oil).

Combination/Oily: the tissue will stick and there will be some sebum, or oil, on the tissue (likely to be more around the T-zone from the forehead, nose and chin)

Dry: the tissue will be clean and will not stick to the skin.

Of course, this is a very simplistic analysis in terms of discovering your skin type, but it is a good place to start.

What is your Skin Condition?

Many of us also experience skin conditions. These are influenced by internal & external factors & result in skin concerns such as sensitivity, dehydration, blemishes, signs of aging & pigmentation.

How to Choose your Skincare Products

Choose your skincare products based on how your skin looks & feels. You may need something different in the summer months to the winter, for example. Or you may wish to use lighter products during the day & more nourishing ones at night.

Before choosing products, especially if you have allergies or severe sensitivities, you may wish to have a skin diagnosis from a GP or Dermatologist if you think you may have specific issues. Always carry out a patch test if you are unsure whether a product will suit your skin.  

How to Choose a Facial Oil

If you're on this page because you need some pointers about how to choose one of our facial oils for your skin, here's what we suggest:

- Dry Skin: Vital & Lustrous 

- Sensitive Skin: Serene & Vital 

- Mature Skin: Buoyant

- Combination Skin: Serene & Buoyant

- Oily Skin: Serene & Buoyant

- Normal Skin: Serene & Vital

Our best-selling product is Vital "Triple Rose" Facial Oil so if you don't know where to start - start here. It's a boon for dry skin & helps a wealth of conditions such as pigmentation, fine lines & wrinkles, lack of elasticity & other signs of ageing. 

If you have a specific concern that isn't listed here then do get in touch. Everyone is different & sometimes it's best to ask for individual advice. 

How to do a Patch Test

Place a small drop of the product on the inside crook of your elbow or inside of your wrist and place a plaster over this. Leave for 24 hours (without washing the area). If irritation occurs, do not use.

When choosing products, don’t automatically assume that if your skin is oily, you can’t use a facial oil. Our facial oils are ‘dry’ oils designed to balance the skin without causing greasiness. They are used successfully by people with rosacea & acne. Also don’t assume if your skin is sensitive, that you can’t use essential oils. Again, we have clients with rosacea & sensitive skin who successfully use our facial oils & other products.

So, if you’re unsure what to choose from our online shop, do get in touch & we’ll do our best to help. We see many skin types & conditions in our therapy clinic & over the past 15 years have treated many different issues.