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OV naturals is listed on Logical Harmony & The Real Beauty Manifesto. Lucy has been published in the International Therapist Magazine & has been interviewed by Sarah Stacey for the Beauty Bible Clinic

“Lucy, the founder of Orchard View Naturals, has long been Sarah’s go to therapist, with the most magic hands in the South West."

Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible

“Orchard View naturals' botanical facial & body oils are a perfect addition to your holiday beauty bag. These skincare products will help your skin recover from the day's sunshine, sand and salt water. Used at night, they will give your skin a healthy glow, boost antioxidant levels to fight free radicals, soften, balance and load your skin with numerous beneficial plant compounds while you sleep."  Somerset Living Magazine

"Somerset-based aromatherapist Lucy Stevens hand blends her bespoke-style facial oils in batches, and OV was one brand that definitely caught our attention during the judging of The Beauty Shortlist Awards last month. More specifically, the hero of her collection, the Triple Rose Facial oil which felt like cashmere on our – back then – winter-battered skins!...So if you’re on the lookout for a new facial elixir, and you love a product that’s … 100% natural and over 99% organic, this is a brand to take a look at. Her oils are, quite simply, gorgeous."
The Beauty Shortlist  - Judges Favourites
“Monthly facials are a huge improvement ... (I’m just off to see the wonderful Lucy Stevens of Orchard View naturals in Somerset for that very thing…)”
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible
“One of the nicest ranges of handmade plant-based products we know is Somerset-based Orchard View Naturals (ovnaturals.co.uk). Aromatherapist Lucy Stevens makes her own products using 84-99 per cent Soil Association certified organic ingredients, which are also vegan and cruelty-free.”
Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic & Mail Online, Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley  
"Another company we applaud is Orchard View Naturals, ovnaturals.co.uk, run by aromatherapist Lucy Stevens, who says: ‘we ask all our ingredients suppliers for written confirmation that they do not test on animals. This is very important to us.’"
The Beauty Bible beauty clinic in the Mail Online, Jo Fairley & Sarah Stacey
“I love rose (as many of you do too, we know) and this nourishing facial oil made my skin instantly soft and velvety feeling, with a visible bloom.  You can use night and morning – with night cream for extra moisturising overnight; in the morning, I use it under a tinted moisturiser."
Sarah, Stacey, Beauty Bible 'Sarah Loves' OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil
"Sarah loves... OV Naturals Triple Rose Organic Facial Oil, a handmade treat from a tiny business in Somerset."
The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey
"Sarah Loves… Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil - "I just love this fragrant, nourishing facial oil from Lucy Stevens, the aromatherapist who launched this fantastic hand-made range in Somerset... You won’t know how you lived without it."
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible  
“Which products will suit sensitive, 50-something skin?"
"Q I will be 50 shortly, have sensitive skin and am looking for advice about the best products for this combination. I’ve looked at lots of lines and they seem to be for one or the other, rather than addressing both. Can you help?
A For Sarah, facial oils are the answer. You can feel parched skin lapping up oils – and perhaps surprisingly they are great under make-up; as with any moisturiser leave them a few moments to soak in, then apply as usual. Some people like to put a little moisturiser on top, if needed. Sarah has three current favourites…
OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil… created by the wonderful Lucy Stevens in Somerset. You can use it every day, morning and night, or when your skin needs a special treat."
The Beauty Bible beauty clinic in the Mail Online. Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey
"A favourite is OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil, which really does plump and moisturise dry skin overnight."
YOU magazine, Mail on Sunday, 'Skincare Special: Over-40 fixes' Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley  
"‘OV' stands for Orchard View, the home of aromatherapist Lucy Stevens, in Somerset. She’s a wonderful practitioner (her Ayurvedic-based facial massage is a fab temporary face-lift, and blissfully relaxing), and the products are as lovely as she is. I love rose (as many of you do too, we know) and this nourishing facial oil made my skin instantly soft and velvety feeling, with a visible bloom. You can use night and morning – with night cream for extra moisturising overnight; in the morning, I use it under a tinted moisturiser."
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible
"What would be your desert island beauty buy?"
"Facial oil. Currently Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial oil by a tiny Somerset business called Orchard View Naturals.”
Irish Independent, Sarah Stacey  
"A beauty industry favourite."
Sublime Magazine
“Editor’s Pick - Aromatherapist Lucy Stevens has worked within the skincare industry for nearly 15-years. She founded her Orchard View naturals (OV naturals) brand upon moving to rural Somerset in 2007, and to this day still runs the independent, small business single-handedly in her Somerset therapy practice – and that means everything from making the tea, to creating all of her luxurious products by hand.”
Love Somerset Online
“Based in rural Somerset, Orchard View naturals is a range of ethical, natural skincare and perfume developed by professional aromatherapist and holistic facialist Lucy Stevens. Shortly after Lucy chose to list OV Naturals in our directory, I received a couple of the products for me to try – Facial moisturiser and Vital triple rose botanical facial oil. I’d already seen (the) little video explaining how to add facial oil to your usual moisturiser, so I gave it a go.
Game changer. Why have I never thought of this before? The moisturiser itself is wonderfully rich, natural and smoothes on really easily. Adding a couple of drops of the facial oil gave a heady rose fragrance and extra richness. My skin feels very happy after just a couple of days. I’m so glad to have discovered this highly affordable natural skincare.”
Laura Dunkley, From Britain With Love
“The Natural Face Lift Facial is fabulous, it really does diminish lines and leave your skin glowing. I have sensitive rosecea prone skin. So i'm very fussy about facials and skin products. I have no worries with Lucy. On my first visit she listened to my concerns and used a very simple nourishing oil, which made my skin look amazing. I've had several facials since then and have also started using the Serene Facial Oil. My skin looks so much better. Thank you Lucy”
Zoe Harris
"More than a facial. The moment you step through the door and inhale the botanical smells that fill the air, Lucy’s calm, kind and professional approach has you feeling like you’ve stepped into another world. As Lucy starts to massage my face I feel myself entering a trance like state.”
Gill Baker
“The products Lucy makes are beyond exquisite. If you like your body to be nourished and blessed by purity, radiance and the highest quality ingredients you will find all and more at OV Naturals.
Prices are a fraction of the cost of products under the well known names and all the packaging is ethical too.
That is my kind of place! I fell off the radar when I moved a few years ago but I’m back now and really wish I had remembered OV sooner!”
Caressence Roden
"Gorgeous skin! I recently had a facial with Lucy and loved every minute of it. What I like about Lucy's facials is that she tailors the facial to meet whatever skin problems you  have. Mine is usually a dry skin so she uses products to compliment my skin and then uses massage techniques which make my skin glow making my mature skin look younger. That night I slept very soundly which is unusual for me as I have a tendency towards insomnia at times. Lucy is one of the best Facialists that I am fortunate to know. If I was having such a specific facial in a city I know from experience that I would be paying a great deal more and there would be pressure on buying the products afterwards. With Lucy you don't get this, what she gives you, if you ask, is her advice and wealth of knowledge based on the skin products which she has used or what her customer's have used and like. I would thoroughly her recommend Lucy and love going to visit her."
L.P., Lyme Regis  
Had the most AMAZING facial last week. Lucy is just brilliant, genuinely cares about your skin, she chose the oils based on my skin type, felt totally spoilt! I also use the fabulous OV oils, revived and supple are my favourites. Thank you ❤"
Debbie Domoney, Sports Massage Therapist
"Lucy, a trained aromatherapist, offers bespoke massages and facials tailored to your needs, using her exquisite handmade organic face and body oils. This facial, a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, masks and deep moisturising alongside hot stones and continual massage, was the most intensely relaxing beauty treatment I think I've ever experienced. My only thought in a zen-like hour and a quarter was that I might not be able to get off the bed and drive home afterwards."
Clare Empson, Country Calling
"Having tried many facials over the years in many different salons, I can promise you that Lucy's facials are like no other. From the moment you step into her peaceful sanctuary, you are transported to a calming and relaxing place & that's before your treatment has started. With Lucy's expert knowledge of products and essential oils, every step of the facial is carried out with the utmost care, dedication and professionalism. By the end, not only are you experiencing an incredible sense of calm and wellbeing, but your face is left looking youthful and glowing - it's a win win combination!"
Sam Cornelius-Light
“I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful Ayurvedic Face Massage from Lucy last week. Just wanted to say that the experience & results were both truly impressive... so much so, I would actually rebrand it as the ‘OV OMG FACELIFT! A wonderfully relaxing hour with virtually no product used, just a smidge of oil so a nice natural treatment using pressure points & soft massage (perfect for my sensitive skin).  It left me glowing & totally rejuvenated.”
Jo Tucker
"Lucy is a very knowledgable and talented therapist and someone I have been lucky to know for many years. Her Ayurvedic “Natural face lift” massage is just soo relaxing, it takes away the stresses and tensions, always leaving my face feeling rejuvenated and lifted ... my daughter says I look younger and more shiny! Always a bonus! Can’t recommend enough."
JA Burgess
"Everyone needs OV naturals in their lives!The treatments are pure indulgence and with Lucy’s expert knowledge in aromatherapy, crafted to meet your personal needs.Prepare to come away feeling completely relaxed and thoroughly pampered.There is a superb product range to take away, designed with every skin type in mind, and allowing you to continue to enjoy the sanctuary experience in the comfort of your own home."
Claire Jones
“Lucy at OV naturals is an absolute gem. If you haven’t had one of her treatments, quite honestly you really don’t know what you are missing! … Using her facial oils at night is a treat too -  putting on “Vital” at night is just lovely, it soaks into your skin, leaving it feeling soft and silky and you have the bonus of the most gorgeous  rose scent to drift off to sleep with. Based in beautiful Somerset - we are very lucky to have her right on our doorstep!”
Sharon Humphreys
"I've known Lucy for many years, and her treatments are simply amazing. She has a holistic approach with all her customers which means you come out feeling fantastic every time. Kind, knowledgeable and highly skilled. I can't recommend her enough."
Sandra Lenihan
“I would be pleased to recommend Lucy’s facials which are carried out in a relaxed but very professional manner with great attention to detail, this achieves great results for my skin and also enables you to fully relax and enjoy the treatment.”
Jane McNeall
“Lucy makes you feel totally at ease and happy to tailor anything to suit. I like that there are little changes every time, perhaps some hot stones or a different product. I leave feeling completely rejuvenated.”
“I love everything about the therapies and the products but my biggest love is the holistic approach.  You have an expert understanding of the skin and the internal and external factors which affect the skin.  Every time I visit I always leave with a little tip, whether that be related to diet, lifestyle or the application of the products.  I know that whatever advice you are giving, it will be from extensive reading, research etc.  Part of this holistic approach is the time you have to give to your clients.  Each facial is different because you take time to listen to what my needs are each time I visit; as a result the facial is always bespoke, the products used are personalised and from the moment I walk through the door, I can completely escape!”
"I had a 75 minute luxury face massage... It was so relaxing and I loved being given a neck, shoulder and scalp massage while the face pack was left to work. The ultimate in attention. This was wonderful as I don't always enjoy being left alone while a face pack is working. The essential oils smelled wonderful and left my hair in excellent condition I do not think this facial treatment could have been bettered. I felt utterly spoilt and shall certainly be back for another. The time went all too quickly!"
"The face massage has so many benefits. Your skin feels and looks amazing, even more so the next day, and is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had."
Jenny Johnson
"From the moment you’re welcomed by Lucy into the therapy room, with subdued lighting, gentle music and the aroma of essential oils, you know you’re about to have a wonderful experience. The Ayurvedic Face Massage is so relaxing I felt as though I was floating. It really did ‘lift’ my face and my skin was glowing."
Sandra Harvey
"Lucy is professional, caring and attentive and has a good knowledge of the essential oils she uses and I like the fact she has organic and good quality oils. The room is comforting and relaxing with different music each time I visit. The towels are cosy and warm and the treatment couch is very comfortable (I have been on many that are not!) Overall a wonderful, relaxing and positive experience!"
Corinne Short
"Lucy is so kind, gentle and very understanding of the entire holistic approach. She works with much compassion."
Angie Huskisson
"Just back from a gorgeous relaxing Ayurvedic facial with @OVnaturals. I think I could be hooked :)"
Lucy Jones  
"Your gorgeous OV Aromatherapeutic Facial (is my favourite treatment) - my skin looks and feels glowing and vibrant after the treatment. A regular Natural Facelift Massage has worked wonders on my face. My treatment was quite gorgeous... can't believe how effective the massage is 10 years younger is the aim!"
Sally Ferry
"I've been using OV facial oils for a while now and they are absolutely gorgeous. My skin has been much clearer and softer since I started using them and I would definitely recommend them. I've also had a couple of facials which have been incredibly relaxing and have left my face feeling wonderful."

Amy Cook
"Lucy is a well established therapist with a dreamy skincare range. Her face oil saved my skin during my final exams and I must get some more. You should try it too!"
Marina Barcenilla
"I am truly delighted with my face and skin oils! The facial oil is like a tonic to my (dry) skin. I have never had such a ‘wow’ effect before."
Michelle Shaw
"This year armed with bottles of both the Buoyant (with argan, neroli and frankincense) and Vital (with triple rose, hip, otto and absolute) facial oils I can in all honestly say my skin has never been better. Crucially the oils absorb quickly but leave a light sheen initially – a bit like applying a highlighter."
Clare Empson
“It feeds my skin
It softens my skin
It firms my skin
It makes me feel good”
“Not one, not two, but three rose oils? Yes please! How much more luxurious can a face oil be when it's packed with such beautiful oils and essences? This is such an exquisitely scented oil. There's nothing more off-putting to buy a product which is 'rose scented' only to find that it's a synthetic scent - artificial rose scents can never match the beauty of the natural scent of rose and this oil certainly gives you that natural opulence of organic rose oils.“
Petra Redmond, Late Skin Party Blog
"I just wanted to say thanks so much for your Vital Triple Rose Oil. I work outside a lot so my face gets pretty dried out from the wind and sun. Since i`ve started using this great concion of oils, my skin has been feeling loads better.Thanks and can`t recommend this enough."
Stephen Lambert  
“My skin gets so dry at this time of year and this product saves it.”
@Felicity on the Farm  
"They work wonders! I picked up a bottle of Triple Rose (Vital) Facial Oil yesterday from @tradingpostfarmshop - a real favourite and like liquid gold 💕"
Tam Mason
"OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil ... contains great quality botanical extracts, is 100% natural and not tested on animals. Applied to face and neck after cleansing and toning you can pick up notes of lavender and rosehip as you rub 2-3 drops of the luxurious feeling oil to your skin. A great product to improve not just the hydration and softness of your skin but the clarity too."
Victoria Dance, The London Luxe
"My skin feels so velvety smooth and soft and super hydrated after applying this oil, and over the months it has improved not only in softness but in texture, clarity and tone too. Another added bonus I've noticed is any spots I get, which are usually hormonal and only a few, come and go more quickly and are healing up faster, also as I have very pale skin spots did tend to leave a red scar mark for a while even after they had long since healed up, this has definitely improved and the 'scar' is still there yes, but fades in a few days now rather than weeks. This is not something I'd noticed when using any other Rosehip type Oil...I simply couldn't be without this oil now and although nothing can turn back the clock, we are all going to age no matter what we do, it's part of life, but I firmly believe that this oil, in conjunction with healthy eating, exercise and a good natural skincare regime, is keeping my skin soft, plump and supple and a soft, plump, supple skin is a youthful looking one!"
"My winter must have is the triple rose facial oil from OV Naturals-its amazing leaves my skin really nourished and a little goes a long way."
Sandra Henderson
"Triple Rose... It is a gorgeous product... Super moisturising and makes the skin look radiant."
Beauty Balm  
"Whether you're a gorgeous goddess, yoga bunny, boho chick, Earth angel or eco warrior, we've got what you want in your spiritual stocking: OV NATURALS TRIPLE ROSE LUXURY ORGANIC FACIAL OIL
Prediction Magazine
"I always love a pretty and eco-friendly package. OV Naturals recycle the majority of their packaging and my item arrived in lovely purple tissue paper adorned with the company sticker. Inside was the OV Mini TRIPLE ROSE Luxury Organic Facial Oil’. This miracle in a bottle is packed full of ‘therapeutic-grade essential and plant oils‘ and contains 100% natural ingredients without a nasty chemical in sight!"
Tuesday T Bryan
 “I sampled the Triple rose oil and I’m a HUGE fan of anything with rose so this for me was just bliss in a bottle."
 Kathryn Asher
"(Triple Rose) Total hero product.”
Clare Empson
"Quality facial oils are the cornerstone of my skincare regime and the OV Naturals oils offer superb quality, affordable organic oils that really work. I can also highly recommend visiting Lucy for a treatment if you are anywhere near her corner of Somerset. I have had dozens of facials in my life but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never had one as good as Lucy's. I am already planning a return visit."
Annie Heritage
"Your tricky Mother-in-law will be forever grateful for a bottle of OV Naturals ‘Triple Rose’ Luxury Facial Oil… This is wondrous stuff, guaranteed to give your skin just the boost it needs at this time of year. (We’ll be self-gifting too when it comes to this particular present)." 
Clare Empson, Country Calling  
"@OVnaturals @morethanamarket was lovely to meet you today! Can't stop smelling my beautiful face oil.... 🌹" ‏
"The best thing about my night time beauty regime is @OVnaturals #tripleroseoil for #dryskin #smell #moisturising #treatforskin"
"I absolutely love your triple rose facial oil - it's wonderful :)"
Lucy Jones
"I call it liquid gold, fabulous stuff!!"
"Thank you OV Naturals! Your TRIPLE ROSE LUXURY FACIAL OIL is a miracle in a bottle! I love it so much. I have used it for 3 weeks now every morning and night and what a difference!! Can't recommend it enough - a MUST HAVE!!! x"
Emma Lynn  
"I love love love triple rose oil ... my new bff"
"When I bought your Triple Rose Oil the other day I didn’t realise I was buying liquid gold. It looks like liquid gold, feels like liquid gold and my neck and chest are already shimmering like they haven’t for 20 years! Thankyou."
Caressence Roden  
"The VERY BESt rose oil there is, it is just amazing."
Siobhan Lancaster  
"@OVnaturals Received my Triple Rose facial oil today. It was beautifully wrapped, smells divine and my skin feels like silk. WoW Thank you ♥"
Louise Middleton‏ @ElvinFairy  
"Having recently bought the OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil from you, have to say it is just gorgeous. Am using it in the morning and last thing at night, when the beautiful scent helps me to relax ...it makes my skin so soft and rehydrated."
“@OVnaturals loving your triple rose oil...its lush!”
"I have been using the triple rose for the past few days and have to say I am very impressed! My acne scars have definitely appeared less red and angry and generally my skin looks radiant!"
Charley, Plumberry Beauty 
"I would like to say as a rose oil user for many years and trying many different brands, I would always go back to one well known brand. That was until I tried yours. Your rose oil will now be the one that I will never be without. It is without doubt the best I have used. Superb, amazing and precious. Well done, my skin looks smooth, fresh and glowy. Thank you."
Collette J. 
"Your rose oil is liquid sunshine. Joy in a bottle. My face has never been so happy!!!!! And so beautifully wrapped. What a wonderful product. :)"
Hannah Thomas
"I use the Triple Rose, which really improves the look and feel of my mature skin."
Marianne Lynch.
“I have bought the Triple Rose facial oil. I loved that it made my skin feel soft and gave it a healthy glow.”
H Cooper, Leicester
"Wow!  This (Lustrous Facial Oil) smells divine. It's like an expensive perfume, multi-faceted and oozing luxury, quality ingredients.  It has a beautiful scent and you know it's going to be great for the skin! The oil is easily absorbed and feels rich without being greasy. It smooths lines and wrinkles and reduces pores.  My redness is improved."
C Jones, Cornwall.
"I really like the effect on my skin - rich but easily absorbed, felt lovely and looked kinda 'glowy'!" Carole, North Yorkshire
"Leaves my skin feeling supple and hydrated, while giving a subtle natural shimmer which I really love! The aroma is floral & fresh while also being sensual and luxurious and makes me feel enlivened, energised, grounded and open hearted. A really beautiful oil."
Melanie Ward, Glastonbury, Somerset
“I’m currently enjoying Buoyant it smells utterly divine & I swear its making me sleep better!”
Kate Forbes
"Buoyant is designed for mature and combination skin, and brings vibrancy to give a more healthy appearance to the skin. I absolutely love the scent of bergamot and neroli, which for me are the two essential oils at the forefront of Buoyant, and it’s perfect as a morning oil to awaken your senses. The facial oil has a rich texture, which is surprisingly lightweight on the skin and absorbs beautifully without leaving any greasy residue. I’ve used this sample on a couple of occasions and although I can’t comment on the long term effects on my skin, the immediate results were nice. My skin felt nourished and moisturised throughout the day and I didn’t experience any breakouts or irritation. It appears to really suit my skin, and although I have neither a mature or combination skin type, I can see that it would be perfect for both as well as dry and sensitive skin such as my own."
Emma, Beauty Folio
"This is the most divine facial oil. Thank you to all my recent clients that have loved my pre make up facials that have said how much they loved it." 
Keely Mangham
“I have been using the vital facial oil its wonderful, it leaves my face feeling so refreshed and soft. Once people use the testers on their skin its sold because they instantly feel the benefit.” 
Christine King
"Wow, these gorgeous products arrived this week and I have just had fun sniffing, rubbing and displaying these handmade all essential oil, organic OV Natural oils and reed diffusers. Thank you Lucy at OV Naturals for supplying them to us. Can't wait for you guys to come and try them out. Xxx" 
Lynne Buller
"AMAZING!!!! A WONDERFUL ANTI-AGING FIX. Instantly noticeable the next morning after applying the night before, even from the very first application. Takes years off my skin!! Love triple rose oil as an essential in my beauty regime but now need to make room too for this (Buoyant) gorgeous facial oil that seems to act like ‘youth in a bottle’. It gives you a real lift and is wonderful especially as a morning oil to arouse the senses. Love the aroma. Reminiscent of childhood holidays in France when we were applied with a gorgeous French sun oil that had the most amazing scent. Citrusy, fresh, herby, zingy, sandalwood tones, wholesome and a good unisex scent. Love it."
Emma Lynn, Killinchy, N.Ireland
“Buoyant feels rich on the skin, earthy, fresh, gorgeous!”
Carol Bell OBE, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
“I have been using this (Serene) oil since it’s inception and not only do I love the fragrance but I also love the way it leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.”
"My 15  year old daughter also tried the Serene facial oil with the same dramatic effect, her skin, she says, is far softer and more hydrated than usual. The oils are 100% vegan and organic so feel like a good choice for young skin."
Clare Empson, countrycalling.co.uk
“I love this (Serene) facial oil. It leaves my face soft and hydrated. My skin feel much healthier since I started using this oil and I would highly recommend it.”
"Fell in love on 1st application (Serene). My skin glowed after using this. It is light enough to wear day or night and instantly tightens pores & reduces redness."
C. Jones, Cornwall.
"The morning I used it (Serene), two people said how nice my skin looked!"
Carole, N. Yorkshire.
"I think 'Serene' is my new favourite facial oil! The most beautiful natural rose scent it is calming and uplifting and helped me feel connected to my heart. It gave my skin a soft dewy glow."
Melanie Ward, Glastonbury, Somerset.
"(Serene) absorbed well, didn't feel at all heavy or greasy on the skin. Made me feel uplifted and refreshed."
SH, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
"I have to say that the attention to detail and customer service I received was outstanding, as Lucy is both friendly and incredibly passionate about the products she creates. Golden is the perfect EDT for those who want to really experience a playful fragrance that evolves throughout the day, starting with fresh notes and evolving into a spicy, sultry scent by night."
Emma, Beauty Folio
“It (Golden) smells utterly delightful, and I had more comments on this in the first couple of hours of wearing it than I have ever had wearing my former favourite, more expensive designer perfume!” Wellness & Weights
“It's (Golden) truly a stunning creation and contains a lot of notes I love. It's a very feminine scent with citrus, deep florals and spice notes and is very special indeed.”
Sandra Robinson, Beauty Balm
“This (Golden) is the first fragrance that i’ve had that takes so many twists and turns throughout the day, and really takes your senses on a journey; evolving with you during the day and finally flourishing during the evening. This EDT lasts all day, even during this hot weather, and is the perfect scent for every occassion. The lightness of the fragrance doesn’t overpower, it just lingers enough to give you bursts of scent during the day. It is the perfect EDT for anyone who gets bored of single note fragrances and those who want to experience a perfume and not just wear it. It is understandable that ‘Golden’ took a lengthy 3 years to develop, as it really is as precious as it’s namesake.”
Emma, Beauty Folio
"Wow...I received my tester of ‘Golden’ yesterday-what a treat-a beautiful package and it smells DIVINE ...I’m ordering more immediately before it sells out! Love it... thank you Lucy-and well done, it’s very special ❤️ xx"
Susanna Mount
“Lucy, you have worked your magic.. 'Golden' is exquisite. Joyful and uplifting, then mellows over time. Long lasting, too. Very special.”
Jane Taylor
“Lucy 'Golden' arrived, amazing yes 1st pepper/grapefruit/bergamot then rose/neroli/tuberose and now frankinsense ~ lovely.”
Gigi Allen
“It is beautiful and absolutely unique. Natural essences versus synthetic... for me, Mother Nature wins every time. Thank you Lucy for  a very special fragrance.”
Jane Holliday
“Love this (Supple) and how versatile it is. I also use it as a conditioner for the ends of my hair before washing, or in between washes. 5 Stars.”
Melanie Ward
“I am a bit of a sceptic with body oils and I can say that you have totally converted me! I absolutely love the fragrance of the supple oil and I love how it makes my skin feel after a long bath or hot shower after a run.”
Corinne Thomas
"Then there’s the divine botanical body oil – I tried Supple – which you slather on after a shower. It’s quickly absorbed so you dress and forget about it but once you undress 12 hours later – again, wow factor. That sad looking post holiday skin? Smoother than it’s been in years."
Clare Empson, Country Calling
"I really like the (Supple) fragrance - it is very subtle but feels very feminine and delicate. A light and non greasy oil but instantly moisturising."
Claire Jones, Cornwall

    "Extremely hydrating. A lovely oil for dry skin (Supple). Reminds me of a good spa experience. Very clarifying and good for the mind. Refreshing and pure. Clean."
    Emma Lynn, Killinchy N.Ireland
    “Lucy has recently created a fabulous (Revived) Body Polish to add to her collection. I have tried many over the years, but this ones worth a try. If you use the botanical body oil afterward , you will be amazed how your skin looks, feels and smells . Just Delicious!”
    Jenny Johnson
    “...I absolutely love them! (Uplifted Body Oil, Relaxed Body Polish). I just wish they came in bottomless pots. The oil smells lovely and moisturises my skin perfectly without feeling greasy.  The sugar scrub exfoliates beautifully without being scratchy and leaves my skin soft and velvety.  I love the scent and will definitely be ordering the relaxed body oil too!”
    C.Jones, Cornwall   
    “The Uplifted Body Oil smells incredible, with the combination of tangerine, pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and pink pepper to lighten your spirits and boost your mood. The scent is rich in citrus yet has a warmth from the pink pepper and eucalyptus that is perfect for this time of year. The oil itself, with a base of grapeseed oil, ensures that skin is nourished yet absorbs beautifully leaving behind no greasy residue. After use, my skin is looking healthier and moisturised, and feels soft and smooth.”
    Emma, Beauty Folio