Recycle, Reuse

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We've created a guide to help you reuse & recycle 

Sustainability & environment are very much on our radar & we know you care, too. We help you understand exactly what can & can't be recycled when you use our products. How to reuse & repurpose; what to do about refills. 

I'm concerned about the impact of cosmetic packaging on the environment. What can I recycle, reuse, refill & repurpose?


You can easily recycle through kerbside collections:

  • Our glass jars
  • Our glass bottles
  • The glass element of our pipettes (requires dismantling)
  • Our aluminium bottles
  • Our aluminium screw caps

Recycling is not currently available kerbside, as far as we are aware, for:

  • Our pumps/sprays
  • The bulb of our pipettes
  • The collar of our pipettes
  • The lid of our jars
  • Our product labels


Can I reuse the containers & lids myself?

We are unable to advise you on reusing your cosmetic packaging for your own skincare as it's a complex issue e.g. if you were to wash out a jar & not dry it properly, it could become contaminated. Use your judgment.

You may wish to reuse:

  • Glass bottles & jars
  • Pumps & Sprays
  • Pipettes

To help reduce waste, we sell a screw cap version of all our face & body oils & beauty waters. If you wish to reuse your pumps, sprays & pipettes, choose the screw cap version next time to reduce the cost to you & to encourage protection of our environment, we have reduced the price of these. We think it's the right thing to do; these cost £2 less than the pipette, pump & spray versions.

Find our screw cap versions in the shop, in the individual product pages dropdown boxes. 

Can I return my containers & lids to you so that you can reuse them?

Sorry, we can't reuse any of our containers or lids for new cosmetic products for the same reasons as before. 


Can you directly refill my products for me?

Sorry, much as we'd love to, we can't directly refill your bottles & jars because our responsibility to you is hygiene. We need to be able to guarantee that no cross contamination has occurred. This is why we offer the screw cap solution.


Can I repurpose more? Give me some ideas!

Start googling how to repurpose & you'll find a plethora of suggestions. This can feed your creativity & has a feel-good factor, too. Here are some of our ideas...


  • glass bottles as little vases*
  • Jar  lids as drawer tidies for fiddly items like pins
  • spray bottles as water sprays for your plant

*Note: Our bottles & jars are coloured purple with a water-based dye, here in the UK. If you wish to repurpose then treat gently - removing the label or washing in the dishwasher, for example, may cause the dye to flake

Why don't you have all sustainable packaging?

We've yet to find sustainable pumps, sprays or pipettes Our product labels need to be oil & waterproof. We haven't yet found an alternative solution.

As the industry becomes more aware & consumers more demanding we hope this will change. We're always on the lookout.

Do you recycle, reuse or repurpose your packaging?

Do tell us! We'd love to know.