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Rose Facial Oil in the Beauty Bible


As a small, independent business, we don't have huge advertising budgets so we've been very lucky to receive some wonderful editorial over the years from journalists & bloggers. We appreciate you all, thank you. Here are some excerpts...

“I love rose (as many of you do too, we know) and this nourishing facial oil made my skin instantly soft and velvety feeling, with a visible bloom.  You can use night and morning – with night cream for extra moisturising overnight; in the morning, I use it under a tinted moisturiser."
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible   

"A favourite is OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil, which really does plump and moisturise dry skin overnight."
YOU Magazine Skincare Special

“This is such an exquisitely scented oil. There's nothing more off-putting to buy a product which is 'rose scented' only to find that it's a synthetic scent - artificial rose scents can never match the beauty of the natural scent of rose and this oil certainly gives you that natural opulence of organic rose oils.“
Petra Redmond, Late Skin Party Blog

Natural Skincare Studio in Somerset Living

“Orchard View naturals' botanical facial & body oils are a perfect addition to your holiday beauty bag. These skincare products will help your skin recover from the day's sunshine, sand and salt water. Used at night, they will give your skin a healthy glow, boost antioxidant levels to fight free radicals, soften, balance and load your skin with numerous beneficial plant compounds while you sleep."
Somerset Living Magazine

"Somerset-based aromatherapist Lucy Stevens hand blends her bespoke-style facial oils in batches, and OV was one brand that definitely caught our attention during the judging of The Beauty Shortlist Awards last month. More specifically, the hero of her collection, the Triple Rose Facial oil which felt like cashmere on our – back then – winter-battered skins!...So if you’re on the lookout for a new facial elixir, and you love a product that’s … 100% natural and over 99% organic, this is a brand to take a look at. Her oils are, quite simply, gorgeous."
The Beauty Shortlist 

"A beauty industry favourite."
Sublime Magazine

Natural Skincare feature, Sublime Magazine

“The Uplifted Body Oil smells incredible, with the combination of tangerine, pink grapefruit, eucalyptus and pink pepper to lighten your spirits and boost your mood. The scent is rich in citrus yet has a warmth from the pink pepper and eucalyptus that is perfect for this time of year. The oil itself, with a base of grapeseed oil, ensures that skin is nourished yet absorbs beautifully leaving behind no greasy residue. After use, my skin is looking healthier and moisturised, and feels soft and smooth.”
Emma York, Beauty Folio Blog

“Editor’s Pick - Aromatherapist Lucy Stevens has worked within the skincare industry for nearly 15-years. She founded her Orchard View naturals (OV naturals) brand upon moving to rural Somerset in 2007, and to this day still runs the independent, small business single-handedly in her Somerset therapy practice – and that means everything from making the tea, to creating all of her luxurious products by hand.”
Love Somerset Online

Natural Skincare in Love Somerset Online

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