Facial Oil FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

“How Do I Use a Face Oil?”

Facial oils are wonderfully adaptable. Lucy has clients who use her handmade products such as VITAL Triple Rose Botanical Facial Oil, (one of Sarah’s all time favourites) in different ways...” Beauty Bible

Read Lucy’s chat with Sarah Stacey of the Beauty Bible, in the Mail online, about which goes first, cream or oil

This is an interesting question and many experts give different advice regarding how & when to apply oils.

So we think the answer is to find out what works for you. The majority of people will get on really well with their oils & never look back. For the super-sensitive or those with a compromised acid mantle (skin barrier), it may take some other measures before the skin will tolerate active botanical ingredients, if at all. Having said that, it is rare that skin doesn't tolerate OV naturals oil, with Serene being popular for sensitive skin. 

If you've never used a facial oil before, we generally recommend this:

After cleansing, dispense one or two drops (less is more). Pat or massage gently into the skin to aid absorption, using circular movements & upward strokes, treating face, neck & décolleté. 

Another favourite way to apply facial oil here at OV HQ, is blending with an organic, unscented moisturiser in our palm, kind of like customising your moisturiser. You can use whichever oil your skin, or your mood, needs on that day. It's quick, easy & very effective. 

Watch this 1 minute tutorial on You Tube.

Nothing is set in stone, so if your skin feels better with the oil after the moisturiser, go ahead. This might be the case if your skin is very dehydrated & needs water from your moisturiser to make the skin feel comfortable first. Customise your routine so that it works for you.

At OV you can buy OV facial oils in sizes 10ml & 30ml, so you can try a small bottle before investing in a larger size. Or visit one of our stockists to try before you buy.

“Why do I need a Facial Oil?”

Well, because they look, feel & smell amazing! Because your skin will thank you for it - a good facial oil will leave your skin plumped out, silky & glowing. Because sometimes a moisturiser just isn’t enough.

A facial oil is a clever addition to your skincare routine. Don’t be put off by the word ‘oil’, as a good facial oil absorbs very quickly leaving no oily residue. OV botanical formulas are formulated with what are known as 'dry' oils, in other words oils that absorb fast & don't feel greasy. More on this in another FAQ below. 

A well formulated botanical facial oil delivers which deliver a wealth of active nutrients to your skin while locking in moisture, protecting & softening at the same time.

Imagine eating a plate of rainbow coloured salad, or drinking a healthy green smoothie, & all the nourishment that would deliver to your body. OV formulas deliver that goodness to your skin.

OV ingredients include plant oils, essential oils & other botanical extracts, which contain essential & non-essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, chlorophylls & other phytonutrients. These work hard to help your skin look & feel its healthy best.

Facial oils last for a long time, so they are a great investment. You literally only need a drop or two, applied alone or blended with your moisturiser. They can also be used for facial massage, which is a great way to tone up the skin & encourage absorption, we always use them in facial treatments at OV naturals. Models also apply them backstage to give radiance to their skin on the catwalk. You can do the same with or without the catwalk, by patting a teeny drop over your cheeks, neck & décolleté before a night out!

What's more, OV aromatic facial oils are really feel-good, as the limbic area of your brain reacts in a split second to their sensuous aromas.

“Aren’t Oils Greasy?”

Essential oils themselves aren't oily. They are highly concentrated plant extracts with numerous skin-boosting actions & natural aromas.

Plant oils (also known as “fixed oils”) such as vegetable, seed or nut oils, have different levels of oiliness, depending on their type.

In OV naturals facial & body oils, we used mainly polyunsaturated oils. These are high in essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid (Omega 6). These are the dry oils we talked about before. They absorb quickly into the upper layers of the skin, without that “oily” feeling. 

So yes, some individual oils are greasy. But OV naturals Skincare formulas aren't.

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