Facial Oil FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

about Facial Oils

Vital Botanical Facial Oil by OV naturals Skincare, close up.

“Is a Facial Oil the same as a Serum?”

You’ll see products called serums with widely differing ingredients -  some are purely oils, many contain water-based ingredients. Serums are designed to give your skin a nutritional boost & OV naturals facial oils are designed to do the same. However we like you to know what you’re buying & so while calling our face oils “serums” would probably give us more sales, we  call them what they are.

What’s the Best Facial Oil for Dry Skin?

For dry skin, flaky skin & rough patches then choose our bestselling Vital “Triple Rose” Botanical Facial Oil. This golden elixir is 99% organic and full of antioxidants, EFAs & vitamins to nourish, repair & protect. Star ingredients are Rosehip, Damask Rose & natural Vitamin E.

How Do I Choose a Facial Oil?

- Dry Skin: Vital & Lustrous 

- Sensitive Skin: Serene & Vital 

- Mature Skin: Buoyant

- Combination Skin: Serene & Buoyant

- Oily Skin: Serene & Buoyant

- Normal Skin: Serene & Vital

Our Facial Oils aren’t just an add-on to our range, they’re the heart of our small business & our specialism. So you’ve come to the right place.

They’re full of botanical goodness, made with the best ingredients, used in our clinics over many years. Fast absorbing, non-greasy, they balance, nourish and plump your skin. Blend with your moisturiser for a beauty boost.

Our best-selling product is Vital "Triple Rose" Facial Oil so if you don't know where to start - start here. It's a boon for dry skin & helps a wealth of conditions.

How Do I Use a Facial Oil?

Easy! After cleansing, dispense one or two drops of your face oil into your palm (less is more). Pat or massage gently into the skin to aid absorption, using circular movements & upward strokes, treating face, neck & décolleté. 


A favourite way to apply facial oil here at OV HQ, is blending with an organic, unscented moisturiser in our palm (customising your moisturiser). You can use whichever face oil your skin, or your mood, needs on that day. It's quick, easy & very effective. Watch our 1 minute video on You Tube for a quick demo (called a game-changer by some of our customers). 

With layering skincare products a good rule of thumb is to go from lightest to heaviest, so you finish with your moisturiser. But there are exceptions - if your skin is very dehydrated & needs water from your moisturiser to make the skin feel comfortable first, face oil might go on afterwards. Customise your routine so that it works for you. See more in the next FAQ.

“Which Goes First, Cream or Oil?”

Read Lucy’s chat with Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible about this exact topic.

“Why do I need a Facial Oil?”

Because your skin will thank you for it - a good facial oil will leave your skin plumped out, silky & glowing. Because sometimes a moisturiser just isn’t enough.

A face oil is a clever addition to your skincare routine. Don’t be put off by the word ‘oil’, as a good facial oil absorbs very quickly leaving no oily residue. OV botanical formulas are formulated with what are known as 'dry' oils, in other words oils that absorb fast & don't feel greasy. And no, a good face oil won’t clog your pores or dry out your skin. More on this in the next FAQ. 

A well formulated botanical facial oil delivers which deliver a wealth of active nutrients to your skin while locking in moisture, protecting & softening at the same time.

Imagine eating a plate of rainbow coloured salad, or drinking a healthy green smoothie, & all the nourishment that would deliver to your body. OV formulas deliver that goodness to your skin.

OV ingredients include plant oils, essential oils & other botanical extracts, which contain essential & non-essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, phytosterols, chlorophylls & other phytonutrients. These work hard to help your skin look & feel its healthy best.

Facial oils last for a long time, so they are a great investment. You literally only need a drop or two, applied alone or blended with your moisturiser. They can also be used for facial massage, which is a great way to tone up the skin & encourage absorption, we always use them in facial treatments at OV naturals. Models also apply them backstage to give radiance to their skin on the catwalk. You can do the same with or without the catwalk, by patting a teeny drop over your cheeks, neck & décolleté before a night out!

What's more, OV aromatic facial oils are really feel-good, as the limbic area of your brain reacts in a split second to their sensuous aromas.

“Aren’t Oils Greasy?”

OV naturals face oils aren’t greasy at all. The organic plant extracts which we use have numerous benefits for skin.

Plant oils (also known as “fixed oils”) such as vegetable, seed or nut oils, have different levels of oiliness & we formulate carefully to ensure there are absolutely no pore-clogging ingredients in our face & body oils.

In OV naturals facial & body oils, we use polyunsaturated oils. These are high in essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid (Omega 6), which is vital for skin health. Essential fatty acids enrich and protect the skin. These are the ‘dry’ (fast-absorbing, non-greasy) oils we talked about before. They absorb quickly into the epidermis, the upper layers of the skin, without that “oily” feeling & give your skin a beautiful glow & a matt finish.

"Are OV naturals products all Cruelty-Free & Vegan?"

We are against animal testing for cosmetics. We don’t test ingredients or products on animals and we don’t ask others to do so for us. We don’t sell in China. We are an independent UK brand & don’t have a parent company. 

All of the products we make here in Somerset are vegan. Our face cream, which is organic, is the only product which is vegan, not vegetarian - it is made for us in the UK and contains a small amount of beeswax.

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