OV naturals Values

We Care

Eco-friendly, ethical & sustainable are words we don't take lightly. A love of nature is at the heart of everything we do. We try to tread lightly. It’s not always easy & we’re far from perfect, but here's an insight into why we're proud to be an ethical small business.

Green Therapy Business of the Year, Finalist, FHT.

An Eco-friendly, Ethical Space
Apple Tree Studio, your facial treatments space, opened in 2020. A labour of love, it was created with sustainability at its heart. The journey of creation is on the blog. It's an eye-opener & we hope you find it an inspiration.

Ecologi climate positive workforce.
Carbon Positive

Since September 2020, we have joined Ecologi, an organisation which helps offset the impact of our small business, by planting trees & investing in global environmental initiatives. While we try our best to minimise our footprint, we value the opportunity to further protect the environment with a little help from others.

Products & Ingredients - Ethical Sourcing 
We're very clear on our OV naturals ingredients policy, both with the products we make here in Somerset & the other skincare brands we use in treatments. Cruelty-free, natural, organic, plant-based & vegan (apart from beeswax in a few products) are our go-to ingredients.

We keep an eye on sustainability & workers' rights, where possible. Independent suppliers in the UK are our preference.

Read more about our Ingredients

Packaging & Printed materials 
We've sourced as much eco-friendly packaging & printing as we possibly can. If possible, we source locally to reduce carbon footprint. Some examples:
  • Leaflets. OV naturals product leaflets are made from 85% UK post-consumer cardboard waste & printed locally in Ilminster. For therapy work, leaflets are printed by us on 100% recycled paper - that way, we don't need to do big print runs, so we minimise waste.

  • Cards. 'Heart & Soul collection' business cards are made from recycled T-shirts. How great is that!

  • Tissue Paper. Our black shredded packaging tissue is made from 100% UK recycled paper. Gold & purple tissue paper, which we use to wrap your products, are acid-free & printed in Southwest UK.

  • Boxes. For face & body oil gift boxes, we use Kraft boxes. For packaging, often we re-use or otherwise, choose recycled. The Eau de Toilette gift box is part recycled.

  • Postal bags are 'Green', with a kraft outer and recycled paper cushioning. They are 100% recyclable.

  • Clear pockets which we sometimes use for smaller items are made from biodegradable corn starch.

Sadly, all of the above are more expensive than their less sustainable counterparts, but much less harmful for the environment, so we think it’s worth it & hope you do, too. One day, we hope that they'll be the norm rather than the exception.

Our glass bottles & jars are recyclable, along with the glass element of the pipettes. We like to re-purpose our bottles as little vases for a sprig of something fresh. To re-purpose your bottles & jars, just wash them by hand in mild soapy water. Too hot & the purple glaze will come off. 

Unfortunately, not all of the closures are plastic-free or recyclable, but suppliers are moving with the times and hopefully soon we’ll have more choice.

At this time we aren't able to re-use your bottles so to reduce the use of plastic we offer a screw-top version of our face & body oils. That way, if you wish, you can re-use your pump or pipette.