COVID-19 Policies

Keeping you Safe in the Most Sustainable Way We Can

"Thank you for the care you took with my safety and for making me feel relaxed, refreshed and nourished. Can’t wait till the next time"
Gill Baker, October 2020

We follow the government guidelines for COVID-19.

Apple Tree Studio re-opens on Dec 3rd for treatments, with enhanced protocols to protect from COVID-19. Workshops are still on hold.

A risk assessment has been undertaken & protocols are in place to mitigate the risk of cross-infection from COVID 19, with guidance from the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK government & the World Health Organisation. I am sending out guidance when appointments are booked, with details about what I'm doing here for you at the Studio, what I need from you & what you can expect on arrival. At the Studio, I have a QR code available for you if you wish to participate in NHS Test & Trace by using the app. I also take your temperature (non contact) on arrival.

Please be assured that I am not only adhering to all the protocols and asking you to do the same, but I am also mindful of keeping a lovely, relaxing environment for you, as always. 

In the meantime, if you have any questions please let us know. 

A Special Note from Me - Staying Safe, Sustainably

The main priority is to keep us all safe, that goes without saying. I am, however, mindful of the ‘polyester & plastic mountain’ that is building, due to increased use of disposable gloves, masks, aprons etc. As you know, I’m keen to run my little business in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is how I’m approaching the situation:

  • Swap: a linen/washable apron instead of a plastic/disposable apron

I wear my normal uniform with a linen apron throughout your appointment, which will be changed between clients & laundered afterwards. My aprons are from Bath Artisan Market.

  • Swap: compostable gloves for cleaning instead of plastic gloves

I wear eco-friendly gloves for cleaning between clients – I have sourced disposable ones that are biodegradable & compostable. I already have ‘washing up gloves’ for cleaning, which are eco-friendly & can be wiped down with alcohol to sanitise.

  • Swap: eco-friendly cleaning products from independent companies, instead of synthetic cleaning products from large corporations

For daily cleaning & to sanitise hard surfaces I use household disinfectant from ethical companies. This is something already in place at the Studio & is in line with guidelines from the government going forward.

  • Swap: natural hand sanitiser instead of synthetic hand sanitiser

I am using natural hand sanitiser which is 70% alcohol made from Somerset cider apples. This is in line with government guidelines & may be used by clients as a secondary measure, following hand washing. If, however, you would prefer something clinical (e.g. a ‘hospital grade’ hand sanitiser), I also have this available for you, to give you a choice.  

  • Swap: Reusable, eco-friendly, washable bamboo wipes instead of disposable wipes

I am not using disposable wipes unless absolutely necessary, although I do have some in stock, just so that I’m well prepared for all eventualities (eco-friendly ones). I've sourced a roll of sustainable eco-cloths, that can be used with disinfectant & re-used time & time again after washing. 

And the rest:

  • Unfortunately I can’t avoid the plastic visor, which I’m required to wear, as currently no-one is manufacturing an eco-friendly one. I’ve chosen a style that is certified, made in the UK & can be disinfected between clients, which seems the best choice for now.

  • Neither can I avoid the disposable Grade II Medical face masks, which I am also required to wear by the government. Before disposing of these, I always snip the elastic, to prevent any birds or animals getting tangled up in them, once they have left my household.
  • Of course, I’ll also be using essential oils with anti-viral properties, such as Tea Tree, Lavender, Bergamot, Blue Gum Eucalyptus & Rosemary, for cleaning & in the oil burner to help refresh the air in the studio as an added weapon against possible cross-infection. However, this won't be relied upon as a defence against COVID 19 & I'll be adhering to all guidelines from the government & my governing body.

Looking forward to seeing you & sending you more information once you're booked in.

Online Shop

We are posting orders as usual. We always have meticulous measures in place for the manufacture of your small-batch products. These are now even more stringent, for example, using gloves while packaging & wearing a mask to the post office. Unfortunately, due to COVID 19 we are experiencing some delays in our supply chain, so if your products are not in stock, please be assured that we are working on it.


I imagine the next workshops will be in 2021, once we’ve navigated the next few months. Keep checking in for updates.

Thank You for your Continued Support. It's very much appreciated in these uncertain times.
Lucy Stevens