COVID-19 Updates


Staying Safe, Sustainably

This page brings you up-to-date information about any restrictions on services due to COVID-19. We are currently open for pre-booked appointments, with strict protocols in place.

England eased restrictions on 19th July 2021.

We are proceeding with caution due to being in close-contact services, so our protocols are the same as before.

NHS Test & Trace is no longer required by law, but we will still be displaying the QR code for those of you who wish to check in on arrival.

A risk assessment has been undertaken & protocols are in place to mitigate the risk of cross-infection from COVID 19, with guidance from the Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK government & the World Health Organisation. 

If you’re unsure whether a treatment is suitable, then please get in touch. Prior to your treatment you’ll receive all the necessary guidance & a health checklist. 

Please be assured that I’m not only adhering to all the protocols and asking you to do the same, but I’m also mindful of keeping a lovely, relaxing environment.


A Special Note from Me

Staying Safe, Sustainably

The main priority is to keep us all safe, that goes without saying. I am, however, mindful of the ‘polyester & plastic mountain’ that is building, due to increased use of disposable gloves, masks, aprons etc. As you know, I’m keen to run my little business in the most eco-friendly way possible. This is how I’m approaching the situation, following industry guidelines:

  • Swap: a linen/washable apron instead of a plastic/disposable apron

I wear my normal uniform with a linen apron changed between clients & laundered afterwards.

  • Swap: compostable gloves for cleaning instead of plastic gloves

I wear eco-friendly gloves for cleaning between clients – disposable ones that are biodegradable & compostable. I already have ‘washing up gloves’ for cleaning, which are eco-friendly & can be wiped down with alcohol to sanitise.

  • Swap: synthetic cleaning products for eco-friendly cleaning products

For daily cleaning & to sanitise hard surfaces I use household disinfectant (in line with government guidelines) from ethical companies.

  • Swap: natural hand sanitizer by a local company as well as synthetic hand sanitiser

I have natural hand sanitiser (70% alcohol) available, for anyone who wishes to use this as a secondary measure following hand washing. This is eco-friendly & made in Somerset, it meets guidelines for killing bacteria at 70% alcohol. If you would prefer to trust a ‘hospital grade’ hand sanitiser, I also have this available for you, so the choice will be yours.  

  • Swap: Reusable, eco-friendly, washable bamboo wipes for use with disinfectants.

I only use disposable wipes when absolutely necessary. I have eco-friendly ones in stock, so that I’m well prepared for all eventualities.

And the rest:

  • Although not legally required, I will continue wearing the medical mask as a precaution for now, but hope to switch to a sustainable option in the future.
  • Although not legally required to wear the plastic visor, I will continue to do so as a precaution but won’t purchase new (unless required to do so at a later date). I have a style that is certified, made in the UK & is disinfected between clients.

Thanks so much for reading this, I hope it helps you feel fully confident in attending your appointment.

Lucy Stevens