To our Friends in Europe & N. Ireland

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Brexit update 1 January 2021

We are very sorry that because of new laws on the export of cosmetics from Mainland Great Britain from 1 Jan 2021, we have suspended sales of our natural skincare products to the EU & Northern Ireland.

We are further looking into this, but we may have to cease selling to the EU & Northern Ireland indefinitely. In theory, we can continue, but the burden of costs & administration to comply with the new EU laws (which also apply in NI) are likely to be too much for a small business like ours.

Any bona-fide cosmetics business will already know how much admin takes place behind the scenes to make cosmetics that are compliant with the law & therefore safe for you to use. Post-BREXIT, to legally sell cosmetics to EU countries & to N. Ireland (which although in the UK, is following EU law), a whole new raft of legislation needs to be complied with.

“For example, to be able to sell in both the UK and EU, companies will need to have a legal entity (the ‘Responsible Person’) established in both the UK and an EU Member State, the Product Information File (which contains all the safety and regulatory information about the product) will need to be in both locations, in both languages, the product will have to be notified on two separate notification portals, and more.” Cosmetics, Toiletry & Perfumery Association (CTPA)

Additionally, labels need to be modified if selling outside of Mainland Great Britain (England, Wales & Scotland). Safety Assessor qualifications must also be acceptable in the EU country where the RP is based. Plus, there’s the issue of Import VAT which would need to be absorbed by us, meaning a price increase, or by the customer on receipt of the parcel, which would be a PR disaster!

We have worked very hard to get where we are today & we would like to thank our EU & NI friends & customers for your support over the past decade.

We are further looking to clarify the situation & hoping that there may be a way forward. As soon as we have more news, we will update this page.

Lucy x