Our Products

Natural, Organic Facial oil with flowers.

“When clients asked for natural & organic face & body oils to use at home, similar to the ones they'd experienced in their aromatherapy treatments, I had to say yes.” 
Lucy Stevens

If you’re new to OV naturals, you may be asking yourself if it’s worth trying yet another skincare brand. We hope you’ll feel compelled to try us when you read the story of our products. 

We've been making aromatherapeutic skincare for a decade, inspired by our therapy clients. We know essential oils inside & out. We've researched meticulously to choose ingredients that help you look good & feel good, too.

Everything is plant-based & vegan apart from our organic Face Cream which contains beeswax & is made for us in the UK.

We never test ingredients or products on animals, we never ask others to do so for us & we don’t sell in China. This has been our stance for decades & will always be.

Using our knowledge of essential oils & plant extracts, we are able to choose ingredients which are the perfect match for your skin. Many people with sensitive skin, or skin conditions such as acne or rosacea, have used our products with no adverse effects & have seen an improvement.

The first range of OV naturals skincare launched in 2011. Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil was part of this collection & is still our bestseller today, under the name Vital.  

"You won't know how you lived without it".
Sarah Stacey, beautybible.com

Back then, when face oils were still niche, we were lucky enough to be 'discovered' by veteran health & beauty journalist Sarah Stacey, co-founder of the Beauty Bible. To have the support of a high profile journalist was a huge boost & we have remained in contact ever since. Sarah has featured Triple Rose (now called Vital) on many platforms & included it as one of her favourite products in the Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible. OV naturals has since been featured in magazines, newspapers & blogs.

Over the years, OV naturals has evolved, while always staying true to its roots. We still have some of the same customers from the early days. As well as being used in our own treatments, OV products are used by therapists & sold in independent shops. In 2017, OV naturals products were taken by the Eco-Spas, Scarlet & Bedruthan in Cornwall, where guests received them as Christmas gifts. 

OV naturals products are made here in our Somerset workshop (a few are made for us in the UK). We have always remained a small-batch, independent small business.

Formulation & Ingredients

Aromatherapeutic skincare is as much about how you feel as the effect on your skin. It’s a holistic approach which considers both health & wellbeing. Skin, aromatics, energetics: we take all of these into account with our formulations. Read more about the formulation of our Heart & Soul Collection of organic oils on the blog.

Essential oils have an inherent 'life force' & an energy all of their own. So we consider how the formulas will help your skin look its healthy, natural best, the aroma & how they make you feel. It's a delicate balance. 

There's a strict ingredients policy behind our small-batch skincare. You will never find 'greenwashing' here. We want to know exactly what we’re putting on our skin & our customers do, too. All of the products we make, we also use ourselves. 

“I have seen first-hand in therapy clients, how the goodness encapsulated in essential & plant oils helps keep us hydrated, soft & supple but also calm & content. I see the results of OV naturals products on a daily basis in my therapy room, so I can safely say that I know the products work.” Lucy Stevens

We do our very best to source sustainably & ethically. So most of our ingredients are sourced from small independent businesses in the UK, where we have contact with the suppliers & can verify anything we need to know, such as whether the natural ingredient is grown sustainably, in managed forests for example.

Importantly, OV skincare products are legally compliant. They are approved by cosmetic scientists & made professionally & safely. So you can be assured that you are investing in your skin & wellbeing when you choose OV naturals Skincare.

We’re always here if you have questions, so do get in touch if we can help.