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2 minute read! In this blog, you'll learn about our approach to formulation, from an aromatherapeutic perspective. It's not about grams and labware and cosmetic regulations, although that's a big part of it. It's more about understanding the ingredients themselves & how they're chosen, so you can be confident that you’re making the best choices for your skin, whether dry, oily, combination or sensitive & whether you’re concerned about fine lines & wrinkles, breakouts, pigmentation or texture. Enjoy the read.

Aromatics, Energetics & Your Skin

We're focusing on our organic face oils in this blog (our “Heart & Soul Collection”) which are:
  • Botanical
  • Easily absorbed
  • Scientifically researched
  • Transformative
  • 100% Vegan
  • 100% Natural
  • 84% - 99% Organic
  • Cruelty-free
  • Responsibly sourced
  • Professional & compliant
  • Made in England in small batches

Our 3-point formulation system focuses on:

  • Skin
  • Aromatics
  • Energetics 

Let's look at the 3 points one at a time.


    Key ingredients have been chosen for their ability to work wonders for the skin, through clinically-proven benefits, the test of time in traditional use & Lucy’s first-hand experience of using oils in her therapy clinics & talking one-to-one with her customers.

    Cold-pressed plant oils contain essential fatty acids (Linoleic & Linolenic / Omega 3 & 6) & non-essential fatty acids such as Oleic (Omega 9). These soften the stratum corneum, our skin’s “window” to the outside world. They calm, protect & help prevent trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL). High Linoleic (Omega 6) oils are predominant in the Heart & Soul collection as these are fast absorbing & non-comedogenic, leaving no greasy residue, just silky smooth skin, whatever the skin type. Organic essential oils & absolutes are chosen predominantly for their skincare benefits.

    As these are cosmetic products, we are very limited in what we are able to ‘claim’ about our formulas. Cosmetic products are designed to make a difference to the epidermis, the outer layer of your skin. We have records of all the research references that we made when formulating these products, for specific skin concerns & conditions.


    The next aspect of creation is aromatics. The natural aromas have been carefully balanced to create multi-layered, aromatherapeutic blends & are informed by the aromas which Lucy’s customers respond to most positively via the olfactory response. The heart is said to be the ‘home of the mind’ & the impact that aromas have on our brains is extremely powerful. And of course, we all like to smell good.

    You'll detect a hint of nuttiness or fruitiness from the fixed oils (nut, seed, vegetable oils), amongst the divine elements of the naturally fragrant essential oils. Designing purely natural, organic formulas has great challenges, due to the highly pungent nature of many fixed oils which would be off-putting to the consumer. OV ingredients have been chosen carefully after many hours of testing, to balance the needs of the skin with a pleasurable experience. Every fixed oil within the collection is in its natural form except for our Argan oil, which is deodorised in order to make it pleasurable for the consumer. This doesn't affect its nutritional content. Because of the natural element, our batches, while adhering to the same strict weights in each registered formula, sometimes appear slightly different or have a marginally different aroma.


    A vital element of the collection, which is carefully considered during formulation, is the “energetic” aspect of essential oils. Essential oils are vital, botanical extracts that radiate a life force, which in aromatherapy is considered to have a profound effect on the heart & soul as well as physiologically. In many cultures, essential oils are attributed to energetic aspects. Some essential oils are considered light & bright, others deep & heavy. Some have an affinity with the heart, others with the mind; some are cooling, others warming, and so on. In Lucy’s aromatherapy clinics, she would ask her customers how they would like to feel after their treatment. She would then select essential oils that will help address these needs. These desired feelings are an inspiration for the OV Heart & Soul Collection, alongside the different skin concerns.

    Each organic skincare formula has this triple aspect in its desired effect – to positively impact the skin, the brain & the mind/heart/soul.

    Learn more about our ingredients here.

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