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“My therapy clients asked me to make skincare products for them to use at home, so I did.”
Lucy Stevens MFHT BA MA

Welcome to Orchard View naturals (OV naturals) products, made in Somerset, UK. The background: after working with clients one-to-one as an aromatherapist for 5 years & bespoke blending oils to address different issues in treatments, my clients began to ask if I could provide them with products to use at home. They also wanted to share their new discovery of natural plant oils with friends & family. And so as well as making bespoke products, I formulated a range of skincare products which could be sold in a wider context, which launched in 2011.

The very first product I launched was "Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil". Back then, when facial oils were still niche, I was lucky enough to be 'discovered' by veteran health & beauty journalist Sarah Stacey, of the Beauty Bible & YOU magazine. With no advertising budget, to have the support of a high profile journalist was a huge boost & we have remained in contact ever since. Sarah has featured Triple Rose (now called Vital) on many platforms & included it as one of her favourite products in a Beauty Bible book.

Since then the brand OV naturals has evolved, along with the products, while always staying true to its roots. Some products have fallen by the wayside, others have stood the test of time. I still have some of the same customers since the early days, some of whom say they "couldn't live without" their OV naturals products. OV naturals has been featured in many different magazines, newspapers & blogs in editorial content.

In 2017-2018 I was lucky enough to work with the fabulous eco spas the Scarlet & Bedruthan in Cornwall, where OV naturals products were given as Christmas gifts to guests. I have worked with independent shops, spas & therapists over the years. You can see the current list on the Stockists page.

Ingredients are sourced from small independents in the UK where possible. My values of ethics & sustainability run through the whole business. You will never find "greenwashng" here, I am open & honest about what goes into your products. I believe that the goodness encapsulated in essential & plant oils can help keep your skin hydrated, soft & supple. As a tiny brand, I have no money for clinical trials or studies to prove efficacy, but I see the results in my clients on a daily basis, so I can safely say that I know the products work. They are legally compliant & made professionally in a dedicated workshop, so they are safe to use. If you have any sensitivities to essential oils, then patch test before use. The only unfragranced product in the range is the Organic Face Cream which is actually made for me by an independents supplier, along with the Beauty Waters. I introduced this so that my customers could combine their facial oils with a basic, organic moisturiser, thereby customising their own skincare regime.

• Small Batch - made in small quantities by hand
• Legally Compliant - assessed by a cosmetic scientist, registered with the authorities
• Sustainable ingredients - where possible, I have confirmation from suppliers that ingredients are produced ethically & in harmony with the environment. Many ingredients are certified by the Soil Association, so must comply with certain parameters
• Ethical - I consider the whole production process in terms of environment & human health (see the Ethics page for more details)
• Natural & Organic - because the products I produce by hand are anhydrous (do not contain water), unlike water-based products, they do not require preservatives (as confirmed by the Cosmetic Scientists involved in the Safety Assessments). The oils & polishes are 100% natural, containing blends of oils & botanicals. Golden Eau de Toilette is pure ethanol, a tiny amount of denaturant & essential oils & isolates. You can see the organic percentages listed for the facial oils in the shop
• Cruelty-Free - historically, many of the types of ingredients I use will sadly have been tested on animals, as is the case with most cosmetic ingredients. However, I strongly believe that no animal testing should ever take place for cosmetics. So OV naturals products have never & would never be tested on animals. We are listed on Logical Harmony to verify this.
• Palm Oil-Free - we don’t use it.
• Vegan - in full disclosure, Lucy herself is pescatarian, having been brought up not eating meat. My grandmother & mother were vegetarian, my aunt was vegan. I am a nature & animal lover & strive to tread lightly on the planet. Hence, my products are all vegan, except for Organic Face cream, made independently for OV naturals, which contains a small amount of beeswax.
• Full of Goodness - you can read about the different properties of the ingredients in the product listings. Many naturally contain high amounts of vitamins such as A & C which are key in helping the appearance of signs of ageing, along with antioxidants which help to protect from & repair environmental stressors including sun damage & pollution.

Do visit the shop & take a look. If you'd like to try OV naturals, use the code "TRY10" at checkout to receive 10% off.
Lucy Stevens, MFHT