Natural Botanical Skincare

Natural Botanical Skincare “My therapy clients asked me to make skincare products for them to use at home, so I did.”
Lucy Stevens MFHT BA MA

My first product was "Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil" which was launched in 2010 along with 3 more facial oils. Back then, facial oils were still niche. I was lucky enough to make contact with Sarah Stacey, of the Beauty Bible & YOU magazine, who championed Triple Rose from the start. There was editorial coverage in the Mail on Sunday, Irish Independent, Sublime Magazine & the Beauty Bible.

Since then the brand OV naturals has evolved along with the products, while always staying true to its roots.
Triple Rose is still here, renamed "Vital". It's still made to the same recipe, handmade in my Somerset workshop.
If you try just one product, try this.

• Small Batch
• Legally Compliant
• Sustainable ingredients
• Ethical small business
• Natural & Organic
• Cruelty-Free
• Palm Oil-Free

Everything made by Lucy is Vegan*.

*Note - Our Organic Face cream, made for us, contains a small amount of beeswax