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BOOKINGS: 07914 049 442 Treatments with Lucy Stevens MFHT
My treatments are designed to give you some time out, some space to breathe & to feel nurtured; to relax your mind, balance your body, rejuvenate your skin & recharge your whole being. I love to create treatments which are bespoke, for you as an individual. I've been giving therapy treatments in Somerset for well over a decade now, so you can be sure you’re in safe hands.

BOOKINGS: 07914 049 442 / 01460 281 880

NEW TREATMENT VENUE COMING SOON at Hambridge, Langport 2019

Current Clinics (Sept-Nov):
Mondays The Therapy Room, Bowdens Farm, Hambridge, Langport TA10 0BP.
Thursdays & Fridays The Minster Centre for Natural Therapies, 15 Silver St, Ilminster TA19 0DH.

Your appointment length includes your consultation. If you have to cancel, 48 hours notice is helpful as it gives me time to fill the slot.

Autumn 2019 Treatment News

My client list for body treatments is now at full capacity & going forward I won’t be taking on any new clients for body massage or hot stones. Facials are growing in popularity & I’ve designed some beautiful treatments for you, which do resonate with the whole body. The face contains many pressure points, also know in different cultures as acupressure, marma, tsubo or reflexology points. These sit along meridian lines which are believed to hold the key to balance, health & homeostasis. So by working on your face, I’m also helping to bring wellness to your whole being - mind, body & soul - as well as your skin. Win win!

OV naturals "Natural Face Lift" Massage
A holistic, Ayurvedic-based massage facial treatment, finely honed by Lucy for over a decade. With just a few drops of oil & skilled hands, this popular treatment is designed to send you into deep relaxation while sculpting, lifting & firming the face & recharging your whole being. Including energy channelling, Ayurvedic “Marma” pressure points, deep yogic breathing and Japanese & continental massage techniques. Bio-feedback influences where attention is focused during the treatment. Micro-movements help to unwind tight muscle & connective tissue in the scalp, face & neck. Feel the benefits radiating through your body & mind, releasing blockages in energy flow. Even after just one treatment you’ll see the difference in your face & feel a lightness of being.
“I had the pleasure of receiving a wonderful Ayurvedic Face Massage from Lucy last week. Just wanted to say that the experience & results were both truly impressive... so much so, I would actually rebrand it as the ‘OV OMG FACELIFT!’” Jo Tucker, May 2019
• 30 minutes £28
• 1 hour £44

OV naturals “All About Crystals” Facial
Crystal tools made from rose quartz, crystal quartz, amethyst & green aventurine have a natural affinity with the skin. Each crystal resonates with our emotions & brings smoothing, soothing & cooling elements to this massage-based facial treatment. Crystal tools such as rollers & wands are used to calm, de-puff, gently “rub away” lines & release tension, while Gua Sha help to bring a bloom to the cheeks. Let your body unwind as tension in your face melts away, leaving you feeling rejuvenated & calm.
• 30 minutes £30
• 1 hour £46
• 90 minutes £64 (includes a cleanse, exfoliation & moisturise)

OV naturals "Feel Good" Aromatherapeutic Facial
If you feel good, you look good. If you look good, you feel good. Developed by Lucy over many years, this holistic facial treatment combines organic & natural, cruelty-free products (including OV naturals facial & body oils) with raw ingredients, essential oils, continuous therapeutic massage, natural crystal & basalt tools and meditative holistic techniques. More than just a facial, the treatment is designed holistically, to create a feeling of wellbeing for your whole self as well as your skin. The personal touch leaves you feeling nurtured, centred & calm while your skin appears fresh, nourished, bright & glowy.
"Having tried many facials over the years in many different salons, I can promise you that Lucy's facials are like no other…. By the end, not only are you experiencing an incredible sense of calm and wellbeing, but your face is left looking youthful and glowing - it's a win win combination!" Sam Cornelius-Light, April 2019
• 30 minutes £30
• 1 hour £46
• 90 minutes £64

OV naturals "Calm & Soothe" Organic Facial for Sensitive Skin
Sensitive & Reactive Skin needs something a little different. Lucy adapts her touch & introduces holistic techniques to help you feel more balanced & in control. Nourish & soothe your skin with tried & tested unfragranced, natural ingredients & products. Switch off, unwind & experience a feeling of complete wellbeing.
• 1 hour £48

Rose & Sandalwood “MAKE Skincare” Facial
All the pampering you’d expect from one of Lucy’s personal-style facials, using a complete range of skincare, handmade locally by Mary Temperley. Rejuvenate & glow with these jewel-like products, full of natural ingredients & essential oils.
• 1 hour £48