Feel the Love!

Feel the Love! Sarah Stacey of the renowned Beauty Bible has championed OV naturals & in particular, OV Triple Rose facial oil from Day 1:

“Monthly facials are a huge improvement ... (I’m just off to see the wonderful Lucy Stevens of Orchard View Organics in Somerset for that very thing…)”
Beauty Bible’s New Year’s Beauty Resolutions, January 2016, Sarah Stacey

"Sarah loves... OV Naturals Triple Rose Organic Facial Oil, a handmade treat from a tiny business in Somerset."
The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible: Everything You Need to Look and Feel Gorgeous for Ever
by Josephine Fairley and Sarah Stacey 2015

"Sarah Loves…
Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil - "I just love this fragrant, nourishing facial oil from Lucy Stevens, the aromatherapist who launched this fantastic hand-made range in Somerset... You won’t know how you lived without it."
Sarah Stacey, Beauty Bible, January 2014

"Another company we applaud is Orchard View Naturals, ovnaturals.co.uk, run by aromatherapist Lucy Stevens, who says: ‘we ask all our ingredients suppliers for written confirmation that they do not test on animals. This is very important to us.’"
The Beauty Bible beauty clinic in the Mail Online, Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey 15 April 2013

The Beauty Bible's Sarah Stacey puts OV Triple Rose Facial Oil in her Top 3:
"...created by the wonderful Lucy Stevens in Somerset. You can use it every day, morning and night, or when your skin needs a special treat."
Beauty Bible beauty clinic in the Mail Online
Jo Fairley and Sarah Stacey March 2013

"A favourite is OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil, which really does plump and moisturise dry skin overnight."
YOU magazine
Mail on Sunday, 'Skincare Special: Over-40 fixes' Sarah Stacey & Jo Fairley 26 June 2011

"‘OV' stands for Orchard View, the home of aromatherapist Lucy Stevens, in Somerset. She’s a wonderful practitioner (her Ayurvedic-based facial massage is a fab temporary face-lift, and blissfully relaxing), and the products are as lovely as she is. I love rose (as many of you do too, we know) and this nourishing facial oil made my skin instantly soft and velvety feeling, with a visible bloom. You can use night and morning – with night cream for extra moisturising overnight; in the morning, I use it under a tinted moisturiser."
Beauty Bible. www.beautybible.com 'Sarah Loves' Sarah Stacey May 2011

"What would be your desert island beauty buy?"
"Facial oil. Currently Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial oil by a tiny Somerset business called Orchard View Naturals.”
Irish Independent Sarah Stacey April 2011

Thank you also to the many customers, friends, bloggers & journalists who have written about OV. See below more testimonials in the Press & Media, on Social Media & from customers.


Bespoke Facial
"This facial, a combination of cleansing, exfoliation, masks and deep moisturising alongside hot stones and continual massage, was the most intensely relaxing beauty treatment I think I've ever experienced."
Clare Hall, Country Calling May 2016

"A quality facial oil is the cornerstone of my skin care routine and over the last couple of years, I have found myself returning to Bodhi & Birch's Desert Rose and OV Naturals Tripe Rose oils time after time, there is really nothing to choose between them in terms of performance. The rose in Desert Rose comes from Rose Otto and Rosehip Seed oils, whilst Tripe Rose is a blend of Damask Rose, Moroccan Rose Absolute and Rosehip Seed oils. I love them both equally and simply have to have both in my bathroom at all times!"
Hello Purple Clouds Blog May 2016

"... is excellent as is OV Naturals Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil."
Exmoor Jane blog May 2016, Simplify your Life

"...I combine this with a facial oil from Orchard View Naturals. I’m currently using the Orange Blossom one as I find when I wake up my skin looks and feels more refreshed. If I’m really breaking out I’ll switch it to their Tea Tree oil. I’ve used a few of their facial oils and can’t say there’s one I haven’t liked and got on with so far, they say on the bottle what they’re best for so I just pick what ever I feel my skin needs the most."
Bobbie Sioux, Beauty & the Brows March 2016

OV Capsule Collection Selection Box
Blip Magazine 2016, Valentine's Gifts for Her

OV Perfume Tree Moisturising Body Conditioner
“…a simple yet nourishing blend of coconut and vitamin E oils, fragranced with pure ylang ylang, patchhouli and cedarwood essential oils. From meeting Lucy, I know what a passion she has for working with oils and that love and expertise shines through in this gorgeous body oil that sinks in almost instantly, leaving my skin feeling pampered and beautifully silky without a trace of stickiness.”
Annie Heritage, Hello Purple Clouds Blog, December 2015

OV Mountain Lavender Body Oil.
"This seems like it would be lovely for warmer weather and for those who don’t like body oils that leave a residue or feel heavy. It also has a wonderful scent that I’ve become addicted to!"
Dream & Scheme Blog, June 2015.

Rose Geranium facial oil
"I have recently been using OV Naturals’ Rose & Geranium Face Oil* and I am in love."
Amy Loves Blog, March 2015

"The (Triple Rose) oil is quite rich, but didn't feel heavy on my skin, which is good when you use if morning and night as I was able to apply my make-up pretty much straight away."
Carrie Jackson. What I Love Today Blog, March 2015

OV Triple Rose Facial oil
"Total hero product.”
Clare Hall, Country Calling,Jan 2015

"They're not like other facial oils I've used before, they seem to have a little bit more oomph to them which my skin loved."
One Little Vice Blog, Jan 2015

"Quality facial oils are the cornerstone of my skincare regime and the OV Naturals oils offer superb quality, affordable organic oils that really work. I can also highly recommend visiting Lucy for a treatment if you are anywhere near her corner of Somerset. I have had dozens of facials in my life but I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never had one as good as Lucy's. I am already planning a return visit."
Annie Heritage, Hello Purple Clouds Blog January 2015

"My latest blog post features my thoughts on the fabulous @OVnaturals Capsule Collection, plus high res-photos”.
Tuesday T. Bryan, Blog
& West Country Life Magazine

"Unlike most of the Tea Tree oils out there on the market, this big boy is really nourishing and not stripping at all, whilst purifying the skin and aiding the skin with its anti-bacterial properties."
"OV Naturals managed to make such a delicate blend of oils that makes it actually very nourishing and calming on the skin."
9 out of Ten Blog, November 2013 & March 2014.

OV Tea Tree Facial Oil - Dec 2013
"The oil is very calming for the skin and with the richness of the oils, it makes it purifying and nourishing at the same time, so you won't have those flaky bits around a blemish."
9 Out of Ten Blog

OV Rose Geranium Facial Oil
- "a beautifully aromatic oil with a light non greasy texture with restorative geranium and calming lavender this luxury facial oil left my skin glowing."
Beauty Wednesday Blog, Nov 2013

OV Rose Geranium Facial Oil
"I'm a huge fan of best selling Triple Rose but I feel this oil may steal it's crown!...It leaves my skin radiant, soft and sweet smelling - it's one of my favourite oils."
Beauty Balm Blog, October 2013

"One of the best parts of the oils is that they smell absolutely wonderful."
The Amazing Blog, Sept 2013

OV Infused Marigold Facial Oil
"I found it particularly beneficial after a day in the sun."
Ana Goes Green Blog, August 2013

Triple Rose Facial Oil
"A great product to improve not just the hydration and softness of your skin but the clarity too."
Victoria Dance, The London Luxe - This Week We're Loving July 2013

"...this is a brand to take a look at. Her oils are, quite simply, gorgeous."
"Your Triple Rose oil is exquisite."
The Beauty Shortlist, Judges Favourites April 2013

OV Triple Rose Facial oil
"My skin feels so velvety smooth and soft and super hydrated after applying this oil, and over the months it has improved not only in softness but in texture, clarity and tone too."
Reheadbeautydiaries, April 2013

Triple Rose Facial Oil
"Glow Like a Goddess."
Prediction Magazine, December 2012

"Triple Rose... It is a gorgeous product... Super moisturising and makes the skin look radiant."
Beauty Balm, August 2012

“I sampled the Triple rose oil and I’m a HUGE fan of anything with rose so this for me was just bliss in a bottle."
Kathryn Asher's Blog, April 2012

OV Triple Rose Facial Oil
"This is wondrous stuff, guaranteed to give your skin just the boost it needs at this time of year. (We’ll be self-gifting too when it comes to this particular present)."
Country Calling, Last Minute West Country Gift Guide, December 2011

OV Triple Rose Facial Oil
"A beauty industry favourite."
Sublime Magazine, Sept/Oct 2011


"@OVnaturals @morethanamarket was lovely to meet you today! Can't stop smelling my beautiful face oil.... 🌹" ‏@BalancedSasha on Twitter

"I love my facial oils. Finished the triple rose and now using the rose geranium. My skin feels amazing x" Helen Cooper Was Cleaver on Facebook

"My skin felt amazing this morning 💚"@bobbiesioux on Twitter

"I'm in love with @OVnaturals Rose Geranium face oil. Sooooo soothing and hydrating #GreenChat" @Amy Loves on Twitter

‏"Lucy, Thank you for an amazing facial today. Haven't felt this chilled in a long time. My face feels very loved xx #greenbeauty" @charlieejhughes on Twitter

"I can thoroughly rec @OVnaturals Luxury rose oil used it for nearly 2 years & Rose Geranium Oil Love both" @RedFox_Diaries on Twitter

"Loving @OVnaturals triple rose facial oil. It's nourishing, light, smells nice & you don't need much. #vegan" Heena Modi @VeganCoaching on Twitter

"I've always got some facial oils on the go & @OVnaturals are great!" @beashadegreener on Twitter

"still love this @OVnaturals rose oil" @RedFox_Diaries on Twitter

"The best thing about my night time beauty regime is @OVnaturals #tripleroseoil for #dryskin #smell #moisturising #treatforskin" @debbieat162 on Twitter

"Used @OVnaturals Tea Tree Facial Oil after cleansing today. My skin feels heavenly!! XO" @ttbphoto on Twitter

"Ordered triple rose. If its good enough for Sarah from @beauty_bible... Love rose & was tempted by rose geranium too!" @BeaShadeGreener on Twitter

"Today received #tripleroseoil a stunning product great presentation & speedy service thanks ☺" QueenBeeBuzz @debbieat162 on Twitter

"Hi Lucy, Just wanted to let you know how much I love my Orange Blossom Uplifting Facial Oil. It's really beautiful for my skin, but the aroma also does something for my spirit that I can't really describe...! but whatever it is, it's very, very good! :-)" Melanie Ward on Facebook

"I have been trying out the marigold oil and my skin really likes it." Trudy Smith on Facebook

"First thing I can say about the tea tree oil: makes skin silky smooth! X" @PracticallyPure on Twitter

"This is a lovely brand, organic and cruelty free facial oils to suit all skin types also available in different sizes, I am currently testing one of these little bottles and the contents are brilliant!" Ana goes Green on Facebook

"Just wanted to say a big thankyou for the gorgeous orange blossom oil that I recieved this morning, which was my fab prize from last week, was so beautifully packaget too, and have just used some, ooh its delightful :) thanks once again ♥" Emma Brooksbank on Facebook

"Received my beautifully packaged oil, thankyou! :)" Ana Green on Twitter

"...I RAVED about your new Orange Blossom Oil...!" Sitting Spiritually on Twitter

"I absolutely love your triple rose facial oil - it's wonderful :)" Lucy Jones on Twitter

"My winter must have is the triple rose facial oil from OV Naturals-its amazing leaves my skin really nourished and a little goes a long way." Sandra Henderson on helenasblog

Triple Rose: "I call it liquid gold, fabulous stuff!!" @SitSpiritually on Twitter

"just entered a WO comp where you had to name your all time fave beauty product- your awesome triple rose oil ofcourse!" @kohsamuirosie on Twitter

Triple Rose: "Thank you OV once again for great service and my lovely Rose Oil. Amazing! X" Christine Boswell on Facebook

"Thank you OV Naturals! Your TRIPLE ROSE LUXURY FACIAL OIL is a miracle in a bottle! I love it so much. I have used it for 3 weeks now every morning and night and what a difference!! Can't recommend it enough - a MUST HAVE!!! x" Emma Lynn on Facebook

"I love love love triple rose oil ... my new bff" @kohsamuirosie on Twitter

"When I bought your Triple Rose Oil the other day I didn’t realise I was buying liquid gold. It looks like liquid gold, feels like liquid gold and my neck and chest are already shimmering like they haven’t for 20 years! Thankyou." Caressence Roden on Facebook

"The VERY BESt rose oil there is, it is just amazing." Siobhan Lancaster on Facebook

"@OVnaturals Received my Triple Rose facial oil today. It was beautifully wrapped, smells divine and my skin feels like silk. WoW Thank you ♥" Louise Middleton‏ @ElvinFairy on Twitter

"Hello Lucy i received my triple rose oil on my birthday-it was there waiting for me when i got home from work and shhh dont tell anyone but it was my best pressie! Used it that night and every day this week and as first impressions go i am loving it-my skin looks and feels amazing, soft smoother looking-i think your products are going to be the ones i never want to be without! Thank you x" Sand Henderson on Facebook

"Having recently bought the OV Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil from you, have to say it is just gorgeous. Am using it in the morning and last thing at night, when the beautiful scent helps me to relax ...it makes my skin so soft and rehydrated."
Sharon, Somerset Facebook

“@OVnaturals loving your triple rose oil...its lush!” @shipshapeann on Twitter

Triple Rose: "It is truly wonderful! xx" Tamasine Mason on Facebook

"Thank you SO much for the lovely, lovely body oil! It arrived, beautifully packaged, yesterday and was such a lovely treat. I love frankincense, lavender and lemon grass so for me this is a great combination! I have tried it already as a body oil and am already impressed that it absorbs really easily and does not feel greasy at all. I look forward to using it more. I love the dispenser as well. Thank you very much again - a complete treat!" Romy Fotheringham. May 2015.

"The oils arrived safely thank you and I have been using them. They are all gorgeous! I do alternate the triple rose and orange at night as you have suggested. The rose geranium I use occasionally in the daytime. You have got yourself a loyal fan, they make my skin feel wonderful. Thank you so much."

"Dear Lucy,
My daughter and I use a combination of your oils between us, and they are all wonderful! My daughter is 17, her skin is oily with breakouts. The tea tree oil has made a HUGE improvement to her skin in a relatively short time period: the spots have cleared without any scarring at all. She wears less make up, and her confidence has returned.
I use the Triple Rose, which really improves the look and feel of my mature skin. I have also tried the Orange Blossom oil,which is amazing. I will try out the Infused Marigold soon, sent as a sample with our last order.
Thank you so much for such natural and effective skin care; my daughter is a committed vegan, and we both prefer natural skin and beauty products, cruelty free, of course. Lastly, the oils always arrive so beautifully wrapped!
I have never written to a company before, but we both wanted to say "thank you" properly!
Best wishes,
Marianne Lynch."

"Truly bespoke facial oils. Lucy has taken great care in personalising these oils to her clients, ensuring not only that they smell good and feel great, but also that each ingredient has been hand picked to meet the requirements of each and every skin type. Pure science in a bottle!" Claire Jones, Somerset

“I loved how effective the Triple Rose Organic Facial Oil was. Even with just a small sample size, my skin had improved dramatically with use.” Megan http://dreamandscheme.wordpress.com

"I have been using the triple rose for the past few days and have to say I am very impressed! My acne scars have definitely appeared less red and angry and generally my skin looks radiant!" Charley, Plumberry Beauty

"I would like to say as a rose oil user for many years and trying many different brands, I would always go back to one well known brand. That was until I tried yours. Your rose oil will now be the one that I will never be without. It is without doubt the best I have used. Superb, amazing and precious. Well done, my skin looks smooth, fresh and glowy. Thank you." Collette J.

"Your rose oil is liquid sunshine. Joy in a bottle. My face has never been so happy!!!!! And so beautifully wrapped. What a wonderful product. :)" Hannah Thomas

"I thought I’d wait until I’d used my Triple Rose for a few days before emailing in order to give you my feedback and, what can I say, it works miracles and is an absolute pleasure to use." Amanda Moffat, Barrington

"I do love Triple Rose - gives you an immediate 'rosy glow'!" Carole Lowis, Kirkby Moorside, Yorkshire

"I absolutely adore the Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial Oil - it's light and sinks beautifully into my skin, instantly adding 'plump', it seems to seal up the wrinkles... OV is completely holistic, grounded and sincere in its practice and it is appreciated." Hannah, Somerset

“I have bought the Triple Rose facial oil. I loved that it made my skin feel soft and gave it a healthy glow.” H Cooper, Leicester

“I found the Orange Blossom to be warm & comforting. Nurturing & all enveloping… quite subtle but incredibly addictive... the smell conjures up Spanish orange groves.” Sam CL, Somerset

“I love the smell of the Orange Blossom. Zesty & slightly sweet, like orange peel & dark honey & it has a noticeable effect on my senses – it makes me feel expansive in my heart.” Melanie Ward, Glastonbury

Rose Geranium: “An exciting new fragrant oil, with warmth & richness, to indulge your skin – delicious. Like eating chocolate – very comforting.” Jenny, Wambrook, Somerset

“Wonderful combination… fragrant, floral & relaxing - wonderful for winding down at the end of the day. Wonderful ‘glistening’ as it goes on & absorbs beautifully straight afterwards.” Sharon Humphreys, Somerset

“I have very sensitive skin and so not all products are suitable for me to use. I have been using the Rose & Geranium oil for a number of years, on my face and neck daily, without any problems. It is lovely to use and it sinks in quite quickly, I love the smell and will continue to use it as long as Lucy makes it.”
Trudy Smith

“A lovely light textured, easily spread & absorbed with very little fragrance, making it particularly suitable for those with sensitive/reactive skin. Noticeably calms & improves the skin, slight nutty undertones make it pleasant to use. Another winning combination!”
Jo, Kingsbury, Somerset

"Easily absorbed into the skin. Light but full of zest."
"The Tea Tree purifying oil is excellent on breakouts - it dries the spots without suffering the nasty peeling/severe dryness that some acne products cause."
Claire Jones, Somerset

“I have just started using the body conditioner. It leaves my skin feeling smooth and hydrated and lasts all day. I don't like strong perfumes but I like just the hint of a fragrance I get from it.” Rosie, Somerset.

“I adored the Mountain Lavender Massage Oil for its ability to absorb quickly and leave my skin feeling silky. And, its scent was absolutely gorgeous!” Megan, Dream & Scheme Blog.

“Lucy makes you feel totally at ease and happy to tailor anything to suit. I like that there are little changes every time, perhaps some hot stones or a different product. I leave feeling completely rejuvenated and then have am amazing lunch at the Old Butcher's cafe down the road :-)” Jane, Somerset

“I love the care taken, the feeling of being nurtured throughout, the feeling that Lucy gives you of being her only client.” Sam Cornelius-Light, Somerset

“I love everything about the therapies and the products but my biggest love is the holistic approach. You have an expert understanding of the skin and the internal and external factors which affect the skin. Every time I visit I always leave with a little tip, whether that be related to diet, lifestyle or the application of the products. I know that whatever advice you are giving, it will be from extensive reading, research etc. Part of this holistic approach is the time you have to give to your clients. Each facial is different because you take time to listen to what my needs are each time I visit; as a result the facial is always bespoke, the products used are personalised and from the moment I walk through the door, I can completely escape!” Claire, Somerset!

"I had a 75 minute luxury face massage in July. It was so relaxing and I loved being given a neck, shoulder and scalp massage while the face pack was left to work. The ultimate in attention. This was wonderful as I don't always enjoy being left alone while a face pack is working. The essential oils smelled wonderful and left my hair in excellent condition I do not think this facial treatment could have been bettered. I felt utterly spoilt and shall certainly be back for another. The time went all too quickly!" Mary, Ilminster

"Lucy provides a thoroughly professional yet warm, caring and safe environment. I particularly appreciate the way she tailors each treatment session to my specific needs… aromatherapy has proved invaluable to fighting stress and tension that build up and cause headaches. The facial is wonderful and always leaves me feeling relaxed and revived." Lucy B, Somerset

“Thanks Lucy for the lovely facial this morning -it was such a lovely experience.”
Marion Cooper, High Ham, Somerset

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful facial. I just loved it and my skin has been so grateful ever since.” Katie, Somerset

"Many thanks for my treatment, it was fab & made a noticeable difference. No wild reactions & my skin felt really comfortable afterwards so a good choice of oils…Very pleased my order is ready, exciting stuff!" Jo Tucker, Somerset

"Just back from a gorgeous relaxing Ayurvedic facial with @OVnaturals. I think I could be hooked :)" Lucy Jones ‏@myrobalanclinic on Twitter

"My treatment was quite gorgeous... can't believe how effective the face massage is. 10 years younger is the aim!" Sally Ferry, Somerset

"The face massage has so many benefits. Your skin feels and looks amazing, even more so the next day, and is the most relaxing treatment I have ever had." Jenny Johnson, Somerset

"From the moment you’re welcomed by Lucy into the therapy room, with subdued lighting, gentle music and the aroma of essential oils, you know you’re about to have a wonderful experience. The Ayurvedic Face Massage is so relaxing I felt as though I was floating. It really did ‘lift’ my face and my skin was glowing." Sandra Harvey, Somerset

"I had, by far, the BEST massage treatment by Lucy @OVnaturals today. She is so talented with exceptionally healing hands! Thank You x" @vickikiernan on Twitter

"Overall a wonderful, relaxing and positive experience!" Corinne Short, Somerset

Orchard View naturals awarded the Mark of Positive Living by PositiveLuxury.com - "a Trust Mark awarded to brands & companies that have a positive impact on people & the planet." August 2012.

'Free From' Skincare Awards, 2012.
Awarded a Commendation for Triple Rose Luxury Organic Facial oil.

We are members of the Real Beauty Manifesto.

"If like me you love using facial oils as part of your skincare routine, then you will love OV naturals beautiful organic facial oils which we have recently started stocking. " Sophia's Choice, Beaminster.

OV Triple Rose Facial Oil
"I can honestly say that this stuff is wonderful!"
Beaute Online Oct 2011

Thanks so much for all the fabulous feedback – please keep talking to us & if you like what we do, keep telling the world.