FAQ's Aren't oils greasy?
The short answer is no.
Many plant & vegetable oils (known professionally as 'fixed' oils) have an affinity with the skin & absorb quickly and easily. Essential oils are not really oils & are not oily at all.
Among the fixed oils, you will find that they differ in terms of the percentages of fatty acids they contain. A quick guide:
- Oleic Acid is a Monounsaturated fatty acid (Omega 9) found in human skin as well as in high percentages in Almond & Apricot oils. It is very moisturising. This is great for very dry skin, helping maintain moisture, suppleness & elasticity.
- Linoleic Acid is a Polyunsatured fatty acid (Omega 6) & is an Essential Fatty Acid needed by the human body, but it cannot be made by the body. Oils high in Linoleic Acid absorb really quickly & leave no oily residue. They are very nourishing for the skin. The majority of oils in the OV collection are High Linoleic. These also help to disperse the monosaturated oils in our formulations.
- Alpha Linolenic Acid is a Polyunsaturated fatty acid (Omega 3) which generally accompanies Omega 6. Rosehip Seed oil is an example of a plant oil high in both Omega 3 & 6. Nutritionally rich, these oils absorb quickly & nourish the skin while helping relieve inflammation.
- Saturated oils are much more rich & oily and we don't use them in our formulations, however, they are extremely good in some skincare & haircare products. These richer oils are more viscous and include Coconut oil & Shea butter.
We have formulated our products to absorb quickly & easily. Read the reviews to see how people constantly say they are not greasy at all!

How do I use a facial oil or a body oil?
You may wish to use morning, night, or both. Use your oils after cleansing. Apply 2-3 drops for your face, liberally for your body. Then add moisturiser. Or, if you prefer, you may use alone or on top of your moisturiser. There are no 'rules' & you will read many differing opinions. Find what works for you.
TIP: Try blending your oil with moisturiser in your palm before application, to create a super-charged skin conditioner.
TIP: Feeling lacklustre? Smudge a tiny droplet onto cheekbones or collarbones for natural highlights.
If your skin is sensitive it is advisable to patch test.

Do you post worldwide?
Yes, although some countries have restrictions regarding labelling that as an Independent brand we are currently unable to fulfill. Please see the delivery page for details.

I want to send a gift, can you send it to my friend for me?
Yes. Just add their name & address on your order and add in the notes if you’d like a personal message included. Then consider it done.

Are your products Cruelty Free?
Yes, Yes & Yes. They are Vegan & only tested on Humans.

What’s the difference between an oil and a serum?
Good question. Sometimes it’s just a marketing ploy as ‘serum’ sounds more exotic. Here, we have decided to call a spade a spade and stick with ‘facial oil’. Essentially they are similar in that they both deliver potent ingredients such as vitamins, amino acids, essential fatty acids etc to the skin. Think of it as a skin conditioner or tonic. Some serums are simply facial oils, others have a different more watery texture. It’s really your preference.

How can I be confident that the face oils are really ‘organic’ when you don’t have any certification?
As a tiny producer, although we would love to be able to get our products Soil Association or Ecocert certified, for example, like many others we are unable to do so without great expense which would then be passed on to you, the consumer. So, we hope that by getting to know us, you’ll have confidence in our ethos. If we say our ingredients are Soil Association Certified, they will be. If they aren’t, we won’t say they are. That’s our promise to you.

Do You Offer Free Delivery?
We send parcels by 1st class with Royal Mail & we do charge you for this service, as otherwise we’d have to absorb the cost into the products which would make the prices go up!

What about Promotions?
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